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Shiba Inu, Dogecoin Trading Vol Spikes While Top Crypto Price Shed


coingape.com 12 July 2022 14:29, UTC
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The Global cryptocurrency market is on a continuous downtrend directly affected by macroeconomic factors. However, the top meme tokens have not shed much of their cap over the last 30 days.

DOGE 24 hr trading vol up by 5%

As per the data, the meme cryptocurrencies cap has dropped by over 6% over the last day. It now stands at $14.2 billion. Meanwhile, they have registered a 24 hour trading volume of around $700 million.

As per Coin98 Insights, top meme tokens like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) have registered a trading volume of over $600 million in the last 24hrs.

The largest memecoin, DOGE held the share of $273.6 million from the record total. Meanwhile, its price has dropped by 7% over the past 30 days. Dogecoin is trading at an average price of $0.0608, at the press time.

As of now, DOGE’s 24 hour trading volume is gone up by 5% to stand at $327 million. It is holding a total market capitalization of around $8.15 billion.

Shiba Inu price up by 16% over 30 days

However, Shiba Inu record a trading volume of $332 million. It is the biggest share held among the meme tokens. Last month has proved to be good for the second largest meme crypto. As per the data, SHIB’s price has jumped by over 16% in the last 30 days.

Shiba Inu is trading at an average price of $0.00001, at the press time. As of now, its 24 hour trading volume increased by 15% to stand at $342.9 million.

WhaleStats reported that SHIB was among the top 10 tokens used by the biggest Ethereum Whales over the last 24 hours. This has certainly helped the token register a huge trading volume. Meanwhile, the rest of the tokens amounted to a trading volume to be around $20 million, cumulatively.

Meanwhile, the top Metaverse token’s total market capitalization has dropped by 4% over the last 24 hours. It now stands at around $10.8 billion. However, Tokens have recorded a 24 hour trading volume of $1.5 billion.

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