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Revolut Gives Away Polkadot Tokens to Launch Crypto Education Program


coincodex.com 11 July 2022 13:10, UTC
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Revolut, the UK-based crypto financial app, is launching an educational program. The initiative will lift the lid on what makes different cryptocurrencies tick, starting with Polkadot. The series, which is currently in production, will start by considering what makes crypto assets unique and why they’re even needed in a world of many currencies, both fiat and digital.

Revolut has been growing steadily through the last two years of bullish market conditions. Now that the market has begun slowing down, Revolut has no intention of following suit. The company continues to add new crypto assets to its app while expanding its range of products and services. Learn & Earn is merely the latest in a string of additions to the Revolut mobile app.

The Crypto Revolution Gathers Steam

While competitors such as Wirex have fallen quiet, and other rivals (Celsius) have fallen by the wayside, it’s been business as usual for Revolut. Its latest initiative, which includes a $15 DOT giveaway to participants who complete a short Polkadot quiz, might not be a game-changer, but it will at the very least reinforce Revolut’s credentials as a serious player within the crypto finance space that desires to foment positive change while boosting its bottom line.

Crypto educational programs have proven popular with retail users, particularly when there’s a financial reward on the line. Exchanges such as Binance, via Binance Academy, and Coinbase through Coinbase Earn, have popularized the learn-to-earn system. With more than 18 million customers on its books, Revolut could potentially do more to redpill the masses on crypto than any other platform.

As the company’s Crypto General Manager, Emil Urmashin, puts it, “There’s a huge appetite from our customers to learn more about cryptocurrencies. ‘Learn & Earn‘ will help them better understand the trends, risks and potential opportunities associated with Crypto.” He adds, “Our collaboration with Web3 Foundation on Polkadot, one of the most popular blockchain networks, will help customers become more familiar with crypto concepts.”

Learn Before You YOLO

There are a number of reasons for Revolut to launch an educational program at this juncture, one being the desire to encourage responsible investment. As anyone who’s been in the space for more than a heartbeat can attest, cryptos are volatile and prone to rising and falling sharply due to a multitude of reasons. These can range from macro factors such as geo-political conflicts and global appetite for risk to micro factors such as the rate of project development for specific blockchains.

Learning the workings of Polkadot and an overview of blockchain technology won’t turn Revolut customers into investment wizards. But it will at the very least give them an understanding of why these networks exist and how their native assets are used to secure the network for the benefit of all users.

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