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Fortnite’s brief foray into Monero [XMR] was ‘accidental’, says Epic Games founder

ambcrypto.com 07 January 2019 15:30, UTC
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Tim Sweeney, an American computer game programmer and a founder of Epic Games, tweeted saying that Fortnite and Epic Games still don’t have any connections or partnerships to accept cryptocurrencies and that there is still a lot of work to be done before that becomes a reality.

Tim Sweeney tweeted out saying that this was false and that Epic or Fortnite is not connected to Monero.

He tweeted:

“Actually, Fortnite’s brief foray into crypto was accidental. We worked with a partner to open a merchandise store, and somewhere along the way Monero payment was enabled.”

Moreover, Sweeney said that the folks at Epic Games and Fortnite were huge fans of “decentralized computing” and its underlying technology.

He also added that the Fortnite audience includes a younger audience, and since cryptocurrencies are very volatile, there was a lot of work that was needed to be put into making cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for the staggering amount of audience that Epic Games and Fortnite bring to the table.

Furthermore, he added:

“Googling this, there’s quite a rumor mill out there. No, Epic doesn’t have any cryptocurrency partners and aren’t in any crypto partnership discussions with anyone. We do read lots of papers and talk to smart people to learn more in anticipation of an eventual intercept.”

A Twitter user, @cryptochange34 retweeted Sweeney’s post, saying:

“So why did @fluffypony claim that Epic was supporting Monero because @GlobeeCom worked with them as part of Project Coral Reef?”

To this, Riccardo Spagni aka fluffypony replied saying that he did not. The user, referring to fluffypony’s comment on a Reddit thread said that Spagni comment was misleading.

Source: Reddit

Spagni replied:

“Nope, it’s correct. Epic Games isn’t the merchant.”

The user @cryptochange32, commented:

“To add, if there was an agreement reached with anybody then why is @TimSweeneyEpic claiming it was a complete accident as if somebody just hit the wrong button in shopify? (I dont really think you can setup a functioning globee account “by accident” but OK)”

Tim Sweeney, replied:

“There was a series of discussions with many people deciding which international payment methods on the partner’s platform to support based on territory reach. Monero was somewhere in the matrix, and the Epic guys didn’t appreciate that one of those things was not like the others.”

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