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Mark Cuban Now Owns Over 100 Altcoins – Here’s a Look at His Largest Crypto Investments

dailyhodl.com 05 June 2021 22:22, UTC
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Crypto sleuths are using on-chain data and tracking Mark Cuban’s crypto movements and statements to learn the content of the billionaire’s altcoin portfolio.

A noted crypto fanatic, Cuban appears to be immersed in the space and is even using crypto platforms to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Two altcoin investments linked to Cuban are layer-2 Ethereum-scaling solution Polygon (MATIC) and decentralized Ethereum-based trading platform Injective Protocol (INJ). They are two of the dozen blockchain projects that are listed on Cuban’s website.


Beyond that pair, Cuban has revealed some of his investments either on podcasts or by way of minting and promoting NFTs.

Back in January, one of Cuban’s Ethereum wallets was discovered after he minted an NFT on decentralized non-fungible token marketplace Rarible.

At that time, the wallet held an array of decentralized finance (DeFi) altcoins, though the majority of his funds were allocated to lending protocol Aave.

The same wallet appears to have been nearly emptied by Cuban. It holds roughly $2,000 worth of Ethereum and around $26,000 worth of obscure altcoins including Dogelon (ELON), Doge Inu (DOGI), and Bingo Inu (BINGO). It is not certain whether Cuban bought these crypto assets or if they may have been sent to him by holders attempting to promote their own tokens.

Crypto analyst and influencer Lark Davis also shares his thoughts on the contents of Cuban’s various crypto wallets, highlighting that the Dallas Mavericks owner mentioned in an interview that he holds 60% of his crypto portfolio in Bitcoin, 30% in Ethereum and 10% in other altcoins.

Says Davis,

“From what we know, from what we’ve gathered and from what we can see on the blockchain, he has Aave, Rarible (RARI), SushiSwap (SUSHI), Polygon, Serum (SRM), Injective and Fantom (FTM)…

The coins I just mentioned are likely not his full portfolio but are the coins that he has publicly admitted to owning or we can see in his addresses.

Let’s start out with Aave, this is one of the absolute top DeFi platforms which Mark Cuban has said that he’s using and that he loves… Then, there’s Rarible which is a major NFT marketplace… and I’m sure he’s buying NFTs as well. He also says he uses SushiSwap, although the addresses that we can see don’t show any large holdings or any holdings of the SushiSwap token… He also has Polygon, a lot of it actually.”


Davis also reasons that because Cuban holds Solana-based decentralized exchange (DEX) Serum, he may also hold the blockchain’s native token, SOL, though the trader admits this is conjecture.

Fantom, as Davis notes, is another smart contract platform that is scalable and has low fees.

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