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Bitcoin Cash (ABC, BSV), Omisego (OMG), Stratis (STRAT) Lead Sudden Crypto Bullish Run


todaysgazette.com 20 December 2018 13:49, UTC
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There seems to be what could be called the return of cryptocurrency, since Bitcoin is now over $4000. Every other currency are in green save for XRP, Waves, MobileGo, QASH and few others in red, however, with promising future also.

As the market appears green, some certain digital currencies are performing more than others, and still have the potential of leading the cryptocurrency return.

Bitcoin Cash (ABC) and Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) Are Ahead

Bitcoin Cash (ABC) and Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) are leading the cryptocurrency massive return with the former, which is now priced at $181.42 USD, rising by 47.06%, and the latter is leading by over 11%.

Bitcoin SV or Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is the latest breakaway of Bitcoin Cash (now Bitcoin Cash ABC).

Not long, Bitcoin SV made a way into the top ten digital currencies by market cap. The digital asset is an outcome of the recent Bitcoin Cash hardfork that affected almost all digital currencies in the space due to the lengthy hash war between the adherents of Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin SV.

OmiseGo (OMG): The Bullish Race Is About To Start

OmiseGo (OMG) witnessed a surprising price upsurge in the cryptocurrency space, rising with over 17% in the last 24 hours. Although, no one can categorically state the reason behind the sudden surge aside that the digital currency market is witnessing a bullish market return, but OmiseGo is among the few cryptos with promising future.

First App On Omisego (OMG) Network Unveiled, Courtesy Hoard

Stratis (STRAT): Unveiling The Kings

Analysts are of the opinion that Stratis (STRAT) deserves to be among the top 10 coin by market capitalization. The digital asset is proving analysts right with its over 20% rise in the market in the last 24hrs.

Many things are behind Stratis’ sudden rise. One’s is the platform’s  Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) that attests to its superiority in the space.

Stratis’ enterprise-grade development platform offers end-to-end solutions for native C# and .NET blockchain applications.

Stratis (STRAT) Partners UK’s Fastest Growing Online Pharmacy, UK Meds

Unlike other digital currencies, Stratis has sealed different partnerships with big firms. Yesterday, Stratis announced it has partnered with MediConnect, the firm that has blockchain solution specifically targeting the pharmaceutical industry.

Aside that Stratis announced it has officially launched its Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). According to Stratis, the DLT solution gives enterprise customers the advantage to deploy private, federated blockchain solutions with the capacity of saving and tracking data aside the ownership of a cryptographic token.

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