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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Admires The Dogecoin Founder

thecryptobasic.com 19 May 2022 17:54, UTC
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Jeff Bezos Admires The Dogecoin Creator On Twitter.

To some people, Dogecoin is still just a funny memecoin that was created as a joke. That’s despite the fact that DOGE has gained ground and is currently being accepted as payment in various enterprises across the world. Going by this theory, it would make sense for some people to think that the memecoin’s creator is also a joker.

For one, Billy Markus is no joker when it comes to contributing to the crypto industry as well as other social issues. It’s for this reason that Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos thinks Billy Markus is a great and thoughtful guy.

Sibetoshi Tweet Politricks

In a recent tweet, Billy Markus opined that the craftiest way to turn moderates into either Democrats or Republics, is for either side to act ill-mannered towards the moderates. Billy didn’t share his personal opinion about whichever political divide he leans towards, but the tweet appeared as a clever post by someone who may be otherwise ignored by the big wigs as a shitposter. But Amazon’s Jeff Bezos didn’t miss the point.

Jeff Bezos Likes Billy

Bezos noticed Billy’s tweet and sent out a response, confessing that although Billy often calls himself a shitposter, it doesn’t appear so when he tweets wise stuff. Jeff went ahead to coin his reference to Billy Markus, calling him a “wiseposter.”

Seen you refer to yourself as a sh*tposter but maybe you’re mostly just a wiseposter.

— Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) May 18, 2022

From an optimistic point of view, this newfound “bromance” between Bezos and DOGE’s creator could mean something. If Bezos is referring to Billy as wise, and Billy is the creator of Dogecoin, does it mean that Jeff Bezos is a fan of DOGE? Time will tell if the two will continue talking and if the conversation will touch on DOGE.

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