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Is KFC Canada Really Accepting Dogecoin Payments?


cryptobriefing.com 06 May 2021 05:42, UTC
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Rumors have emerged that KFC Canada is accepting Dogecoin, following a tweet from the company published earlier today.

Cash, Card, and Dogecoin

In April, KFC Canada announced free delivery on orders over $35. Today, one customer responded: “Can I buy with my DOGE please?”

KFC Canada answered: “We accept cash, card, and dogecoin.”

The tweet received approximately 2500 retweets, 500 retweets with comments, and 5800 likes. Soon, the news was picked up by various sites including Coin.fyi and U.Today.

However, it is not clear whether the fast food chain is truly accepting Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency. Currently, the KFC website does not show any option to pay with Dogecoin. Rather, it only shows options to pay by credit card and Google Pay.

Is It Just a Joke?

It is possible that the announcement is a tongue-in-cheek joke. Recently, brands such as Snickers and Slim Jim have alluded to the Dogecoin craze by alluding to the coin without actually using it.

In fact, KFC itself has previously used the Dogecoin shiba inu in its social media promotional material. In February, its Spanish division posted a meme that portrayed KFC as an underdog fighting Godzilla (Burger King) and King Kong (McDonalds).

However, it should be noted that KFC Canada has accepted cryptocurrency in the past. In 2018, it ran a promotion that allowed users to buy a chicken bucket for Bitcoin. That means the company accepting cryptocurrency is not entirely out of the question.

KFC did not respond to Crypto Briefing’s request for comment by the time of publishing. This article will be updated accordingly.

At the time of writing this author held less than $75 of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins.

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