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Three Things That Will Make Zilliqa (ZIL) Land Safely After Mainnet


todaysgazette.com 03 December 2018 17:50, UTC
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Zilliqa (ZIL) has managed to meet expectations in its quest to make blockchains faster and more scalable, integrating sharding technology to facilitate quicker consensus process. Despite the crypto being less than a year old, there is a lot to look forward.

Zilliqa is one of the few cryptos that industry experts believe can attain maximum scalability and the blockchain technology has continued to make developments. one major milestone which many look forward to is the launch of its Mainnet.

This year has seen tremendous growth in the launch of Mainnet with Tron leading the way showcasing the advantages of having a Mainnet. Zilliqa is working towards this and there is a consensus that if all goes well with the launch, the coin could provide a threat to the dominance of Ethereum in the long run.

However, launching a Mainnet is not a certainty that a coin would suddenly increase in value and adoption. Several challenges come with the launch of Mainnet as blockchain technology continues to evolve with more breakthroughs.

This has been evident in the blockchain company pushing back the launch of mainnet to the ist quarter of 2019 against the expectations that it could be released in 2018.

Despite this delays, Zilliqa is well positioned to beat challenges due to the well thought out strategies that put it in a great spot to land safely after its launch of Mainnet. Here are three things that would enable the coin to have a plain sailing when its mainnet is release in January.

Sharding technology

One area where Zilliqa(ZIL) has surprised many is the use of the Sharding technology which has seen the blockchain emerge as one of the fastest and efficient in making transactions, furthermore, the Zilliqa has been able to work on the deficiencies of Ethereum with the full integration of the Sharding technology.

This would help the blockchain deal with the expected increase in transactions after the launch of its mainnet. Sharding enables smoother transactions by increasing the number of active nodes in response to the number of transactions.

Millions of transactions can be processed per second which is almost near impossible with the traditional mining methods. Mining is made easier as it is redistributed to other lesser protocols within the sharding network.

Zilliqa has certainly got this right by implementing this protocol in place which would help push its scalability during the release of mainnet.

Secure smart contracts

Zilliqa (ZIL) smart contracts is one of the highlights of the blockchain company as it utilizes a the Scilla smart contract programming language. This according to Zilliqa is easier to use and more secure than Ethereum’s Solidity.

So far there has been good reviews on its smart contracts which allows for quicker computation. Since it utilizes a concept of dataflow. The contract enables alternations between the input and output of nodes which facilitates the transaction.

Zilliqa would be able to cope with more transactions as it has the technology in the place to scale up in response to increased activities. In addition, Zilliqa has proven over time to be immune to Sybil attacks.

Since it is backed practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance attribute (pBFT) there would be little cases of hacks or security leaks. it is well known that many investors prefer a safe and steady coin and Zilliqa ticks both boxes perfectly.

Success of previous launches

Zilliqa (ZIL) has proven in its launches of its testnets that it has the capacity to handle any potential challenge which could arise as a result of the launch of its mainnet. The team members have the technical nous and readiness to ensure the steady growth of this blockchain platform.

For a crypto that is within a year of its launch, its speed of growth has been impressive with the last testnet released indicating some of the features to be expected when the mainnet is fully integrated.

Some of the features include the full implementation of the Scilla programming language across the network. Furthermore, Zilliqa is looking into improving its sharding protocol which would mean easier implementation of smart contracts.


Zilliqa (ZIL) has shown the resolve and strategy required to lay the ground work for the launch of its mainnet. Despite the optimism which most hodlers have about the coin, it would be interesting to see how the launch impacts on the fortune of the coin.

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