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Global Healthtech Company AENCO Will Collaborate With NEM Using Catapult


blokt.com 03 December 2018 19:00, UTC
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The NEM Foundation announced that it has signed a new collaboration agreement with the world’s first healthtech and financial solutions blockchain platform AENCO. The company will build solutions on NEM’s Catapult technology. It will help in driving the adoption of blockchain through real-life industry solutions that leverage blockchain tech like NEM Catapult.

What Is AENCO Doing With NEM Technology?

NEM’s Private Catapult technology will be at the heart of AENCO Blockchain which focuses on a new line of real-life customizable business applications built for its communities. The company is specifically focused on revolutionizing emerging markets, especially in the healthcare and digital financing sectors. It will also support numerous dApps, designed for AENCO’s Financial Solutions Platform.


NEM Foundation Hong Kong’s Ricardo Medrano commented on the partnership, saying:

“We are excited to announce this MOU with AENCO to support their development of HealthTech and Financial solutions utilizing NEM Blockchain Technology. Both partners share a goal of driving greater adoption and awareness of Blockchain by building and promoting first-class industry solutions that leverage Blockchain technologies such as NEM Catapult.”

NEM Will Guide AENCO

AENCO’s team will receive technical guidance from the NEM Foundation which will help them in delivering a robust implementation of the NEM Catapult Private Blockchain. It will bring the NEM developers a new use-case to apply the Private Catapult Blockchain, ensuring it remains fit for purpose and future proof.

Medrano also said that what they learn from working with the developer team at AENCO could be very valuable for the upcoming public blockchain main net release of Catapult.

The two partners will support each other, share technical knowledge, and even undertake joint marketing, public relations, and community events in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world.

AENCO co-founder Darren Lui noted that the company’s core goal is to deliver impactful applications based on blockchain in the healthtech and financial sectors. The new partnership with NEM, he said, will allow AENCO to accelerate its global positioning as a financial solutions platform, where AENCO IB, AENCO Prime, and AENCO SmartCap solutions, are all delivered through the company’s smart wallet portal.

Some of the combined planned projects between NEM and AENCO include building robust database applications, designed to be used in clinics and hospitals, which create clear audit trails and data tracking for the clinical drug development process.



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