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Polygon Partners With BlockSwap's StakeHouse To Launch Polygon House


cryptodaily.co.uk 30 April 2021 16:18, UTC
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Polygon (previously named Matic Network) will now be a part of BlockSwap's StakeHouse Game as one of the first operators. In the process, the collaboration will launch the Polygon House.

BlockSwap Network tweeted:

"Who's House? Polygon's House! @Blockswap_team is thrilled to welcome @0xPolygon (prev Matic Network) as a StakeHouse Operator into the StakeHouse Game. POLYGON HOUSE incoming!"

BlockSwap Network is an automated stake liquidity protocol for Proof of Stake chains that enables users to trustlessly mint an ERC20 fungible token (SLOT). The token is pegged to a validator staking balance representing the equity of a validator.

Polygon And BlockSwap's StakeHouse

Polygon is a Layer 2 scaling solution for processing high-speed transactions on Ethereum. It has a large community of over 35,000 members on telegram. It also supports many industry-leading partners. 

BlockSwap is giving 2000 members of the Polygon community a complimentary pass to join the Polygon House when the StakeHouse game launches. Users are eligible to receive cBSN incentive rewards.

cBSN users will receive a 40% reward of the invited batch reward. Holders of cBSN will be invited to join a specific StakeHouse. StakeHouse Batch Minters will receive 1800% APY, which includes a base and variable bonus reward. 

The Minter should bring 1000 cBSN and mint batches and invite new users to the StakeHouse. StakeHouse Operators will receive 20% of allocated rewards accrued from StakeHouse and invite minters to join. Operators can mint batches too. 

Verified users will receive an exclusive Polygon NFT token. This will be required to participate in the StakeHouse Game. Selected users will get automatic entry to the Polygon StakeHouse by connecting their wallets and holding the Polygon House NFT.

In fact, looking at Polygon’s recent activity, it seems like they have been busy over the past week. Earlier, they announced their collaborative efforts with both Kyuzan Inc. and Verox.

Kyuzan Inc. Brings In EGGRYPTO To Polygon Ecosystem

Polygon will bring the popular monster-themed game EGGRYTO to its network. EGGRYPTO is a game by Kyuzan Inc., a blockchain startup firm developing various DApps and blockchain products centered on blockchain games. The team at Polygon tweeted:

"Excited to announce that @KyuzanHQ is bringing one of the most popular blockchain games #EGGRYPTO to Polygon! (It's already achieved 300,000 installs!) Now, users can trade NFTs at reduced costs and enjoy playing the interactive game!"

In EGGRYPTO, users can hatch and grow monsters and train them to build a strong team. Users have a chance to get rare monsters and even ultra-rare monsters called Raremon. The amount of Raremon is hard-capped. 

The game has quests where players can battle with other monsters and get very special NFT Raremons available in limited sales. The team further added that currently, English and Japanese languages are supported. It's a free and easy mobile-native app that everybody can use. 

Polygon And Verox

Polygon aims at ensuring low fees and fast transactions for its users and has partnered with Verox, the artificial intelligence investment manager for crypto and DeFi. The team at Verox tweeted:

"We're excited to announce a technological partnership with @0xPolygon. Both share a vision of providing solid solutions that strengthen this ecosystem and foster its adoption. Verox DEX is joining forces with Polygon network to ensure scalability, low fees and fast transactions!"

Verox is the first digital platform for all-in-one crypto and DeFi financial requirements. It uses AI to provide a personalized match for users based on their financial needs and best-suited, most cost-effective financial products in real-time and provide optimal trading or investing opportunities.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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