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Church’s Chicken Venezuela starts paying staff’s bonus salary in DASH


invezz.com 21 April 2021 14:38, UTC
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Church’s Chicken Venezuela, a leading fast-food outlet in Venezuela, has started paying its staff bonus salaries in DASH. Dash Foundation unveiled this news on 19 April through a press release, noting that the fast-food chain integrated the payment option after a three-month test in which its employees received DASH as part of their salary. Reportedly, 97% of the employees that took part in the test approved of getting a fraction of their salary in DASH from now henceforth.

According to the news release, the payroll system is the fruit of a collaboration between the Dash Text and the Dash Core teams. Dubbed DasherPay, the solution is legally compliant and can be incorporated into the payment system of any firm. The payment platform is accessible online and it acts as a non-custodial system that lets organisations pay staff in a fast and inexpensive manner.

By introducing DASH payments, Church’s Chicken Venezuela aims to help its staff members circumvent the lingering hyperinflation problem in the country. With DASH, the employees will be able to shop at tens of thousands of stores that accept the coin seamlessly. Alternatively, the employees can change their DASH into Bolivars at a plethora of crypto exchanges in the country.

Pioneering digital currency innovation in Venezuela

By accepting to pay its staff in DASH, the Church’s Chicken Venezuela has also cemented its position as a leader in innovative solutions in Venezuela, seeing as it was the first organisation to start accepting DASH as payment in 2018.

This news comes as DASH continues struggling to rise above the bear market that saw it plunge and fail to recover its 2017 ATH. At the time of writing, DASH is 81.04% down from its ATH of £11,784 to change hands at £221.29. This figure represents a 3.6% gain over the past 24 hours and a 3.04% rise over the last seven days. The coin is currently the 45th largest crypto with a capitalization of £2,261,945,103.84.

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