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Crypto Trader Lark Davis Lists Top 5 Crypto Assets To Buy in February


dailyhodl.com 08 February 2021 18:30, UTC
Reading time: ~3 m

Crypto trader and analyst Lark Davis is revealing the names of the top crypto assets to buy this month.

In a new video, Davis tells 195,000 YouTube subscribers that Ethereum (ETH) could double in value in the coming weeks on the back of strong fundamental catalysts.

“We’re going into price discovery right now for Ethereum. It’s a very exciting time and things can move very, very fast…

Ethereum is obviously having very many bullish catalysts as well including the CME futures launch which is coming in three or four days. The Galaxy Digital Ethereum fund is launching, giving institutions a big way to get direct exposure to Ethereum. Grayscale just started buying Ethereum again and in fact, it’s been so popular that Grayscale investors have been buying more Ethereum than Bitcoin.”

Coming in at number two is high-throughput blockchain Elrond (EGLD), which Davis says could have a big month after the protocol launched the Maiar wallet.

“Maiar is [Elrond’s] super user-friendly wallet application that lets you buy and sell crypto. It’s also going to let you interact with a range of DeFi (decentralized finance) products… It’s both a crypto wallet and a payments application. Now within four days of launching, the total number of transactions on Elrond have doubled. There’s already hundreds of thousands of downloads.”

Davis is also bullish on interoperable blockchain network Cosmos (ATOM). The trader says the crypto asset is flying under the radar as it quietly builds its own ecosystem.

“Many of the biggest coins on the market have actually been built using the Cosmos Tendermint SDK, making Cosmos the center of an ever-growing universe in the crypto space. And the big news coming for Cosmos right now is the launch of the Stargate upgrade… Blockchains have got to talk to each other. The Stargate upgrade means that all of the Tendermint-based chains will be able to take a massive leap forward in terms of interoperability.”

The fourth crypto asset to buy this month according to Davis is Cardano (ADA) as the Ethereum competitor is positioning to launch a token economy on its blockchain.

“Once we see those tokens starting to launch, [the] sky’s the limit. February and March, big months for Cardano, as we see tokens going live, as smart contracts come on board and considering how painful the Ethereum gas fees are right now, definitely an opportunity here for competitors to step in and make their mark.”

The last coin on Davis’ list is Polkadot (DOT), which he refers to as an “absolute beast of a blockchain.”

“This thing is going to go way freaking higher. In fact, $100 almost seems like a rather conservative estimate at this point, considering everything that’s happening for the Polkadot ecosystem because it managed to climb $20 really, really quickly and parachains, they’re not even freaking alive on the mainnet yet, meaning that Polkadot is not a fully functional blockchain.” 

Featured Image: Shutterstock/GrandeDuc

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