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Secretum Supercharges Encrypted Messaging with Blockchain, Announces SER Private Token Sale Last Call


u.today 04 April 2022 17:55, UTC
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Secretum, a crypto ecosystem and application for encrypted peer-to-peer messaging on Solana (SOL) protocol, shares the updated details of its roadmap and announces a last call for potential participants in its private token sale.

From encrypted messaging to one-stop ecosystem: What is Secretum?

Launched in Q4, 2021, Secretum is set to address major issues with privacy and usability in messaging, crypto exchanges, NFT trading and OTC deals. As a result, its stack of products has evolved into an unmatched ecosystem of user-friendly instruments.

Secretum messenger completes private tokensale

For its encrypted messaging module, Secretum leverages Solana (SOL), one of the fastest and most resource-efficient decentralized platforms ever. Solana (SOL) processes up to 50,000 transactions per second and charges its users with negligible fees.

All messages in Secretum are processed by an independent architecture of nodes; as such, it cannot be accessed by malefactors. This allows Secretum users to stop worrying about WhatsApp-style hacks and data leaks.

Registration in this messaging application requires only a wallet address: no personal data is exposed to Secretum. This advances the status of anonymity within the system and also protects user data from being harvested by corporations.

Besides an encrypted messaging system, Secretum created a peer-to-peer trading ecosystem. A plethora of assets can be seamlessly exchanged between each other through an easy-to-understand trading interface. This instrument works with crypto coins and NFTs.

SER private sale closes on April 22, 2022

Due to its revolutionary Solana-based design, Secretum charges its NFT traders with trivial commissions. This is another "killing feature" of Secretum that makes it more attractive than a major NFT marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible.

With this solutions suite, Secretum addresses an unmatched market of three billion messaging platform users and over 290 million crypto owners.

To raise funds for new phases of development and to strengthen the community behind Secretum, its team organized a private token sale of its core native cryptocurrency, SER.

A total of 3,000,000 SER tokens avaliable for $0.50 only is allocated for this phase of its fundraising. The private token sale will be closed on April 22 or after the allocated SER tokens are sold—whatever comes first.

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