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BabyDoge Burns Another 3.2 Quadrillion Tokens Worth Over $10M, In Total 17 Quadrillion BabyDoge Burned In 2022


thecryptobasic.com 04 April 2022 10:13, UTC
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3.2 Quadrillion Baby DogeCoin (BabyDoge), worth over 10 million USDT, has been taken out of circulation forever.

Baby DogeCoin just shared proof of burn via its official Twitter handle and reported that they had burned another 3.2 Quadrillion tokens worth over 10 million USD.

3.2 quadrillion BURNED πŸ”₯ worth over

$10 MILLION USDT 🐢🍼 #BabyDoge

Proof of burn: https://t.co/qye3a2QIXg

β€” @BabyDogeNFTs mint 4/20 (@BabyDogeCoin) April 3, 2022

This is not the first time BabyDoge has done such a massive burn; since the start of the New Year 2022, BabyDoge has been burning quadrillion of tokens every month.

Formerly, Baby DogeCoin has burnt 5 Quadrillion Coins, worth $11.50 million in January, 4.8 Quadrillion tokens, worth $20 million in February, and 4 Quadrillion tokens, worth over $12.80 million in March.Β 

This means, including the latest 3.2Q burn, BabyDoge has sent a whopping total of 17 quadrillion tokens worth over $54.3 million to the dead wallet in four months. As per data provided by CoinGecko, the current circulating supply of BabyDoge stands at 159,278,394,658,793,747 (159.27Q).

BabyDoge NFTs:

Following the Monthly Burn Event, the BabyDoge team surprised the community by disclosing the launch date of its first-ever NFT. The team reported that their first NFT would be available to mint on 20th April 2022. The team also has shared the official link of its NFT Website BabyDogeNFT.com

Our NFT mint date will be 4/20 @ 4:20pm EST

All white list winners will be notified and will post a list of all WL address winners on 4/15

You can enter to win WL spots & $50,000 at https://t.co/QAtBljH4Gc
+Countdown to mint is live on site

Follow @BabyDogeNFTs#BabyDoge pic.twitter.com/E41qAWcTZm

β€” @BabyDogeNFTs mint 4/20 (@BabyDogeCoin) April 4, 2022

Baby DogeCoin is currently the third most followed canine-themed cryptocurrency on Twitter, following Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). BabyDoge is followed by 1.1 million people, whereas over 3.1 million people follow DOGE, and 3 million follow SHIB.

BabyDoge is leading all the popular dog-themed cryptocurrencies from the front in terms of holders. As per BscScan data, 1,491,960 (1.49M) unique wallet addresses hold BabyDoge, whereas, Etherscan.io reports that only 1,130,928 (1.13M) unique wallet addresses own Shiba Inu.

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