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Darwinia partners with Cere on Polkadot ecosystem development

www.cryptoninjas.net 15 January 2021 20:00, UTC
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Cere Network, a blockchain CRM ecosystem platform optimized for customer data integration and collaboration, today announced its partnership with Darwinia, an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate.

Through this technical partnership, Cere will continue improving its product offering for enterprises that are connected with the Polkadot ecosystem. Darwinia will also join the SaaS-Defi alliance, which is set to establish universal protocol standards for the enterprise DeFi space and improve communications between enterprises and the DeFi ecosystem. Other members of the SaaS-DeFi alliance include Binance Smart Chain, Elrond, Chainlink, Matic, and more.

Cere + Darwinia

Darwinia Network has built a heterogeneous cross-chain solution without having to rely on third-party multi-signatures. This way, Darwinia can connect Cere to all sorts of heterogeneous chains like Ethereum and Polkadot. For their solution, Darwinia received multiple Web3 grants and it’s part of the Substrate Builder program.

Vice versa, Darwinia will utilize Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud for its customers, given that Cere’s tooling can be extended to any Polkadot/Substrate based network.

“Partnering up with Darwinia is a critical next step for Cere. We are excited to extend Cere’s products, data and assets to an expanding number of other blockchains using Darwinia’s technology.”
– Cere Network CEO, Fred Jin

The integration of Darwinia’s Golden Gate bridge with Cere’s Enterprise ecosystem is expected to be launched in Q2 2021.

“ We’re excited to be working with the Cere team, and believe that the implementation of Darwinia bridge in the Cere ecosystem will help flourish the Enterprise DeFi Ecosystem.”
– Darwinia CEO, Danny Wang

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