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Top 3 Blockchain Infrastructure Tokens by Market Cap Today


thenewscrypto.com 30 March 2022 16:43, UTC
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  • Three Arrows Capital has taken roughly 71,000 ETH out of various exchanges.
  • Binance Bridge 2.0 would enable the transfer of Ethereum-based assets to the BNB Chain.

Take a look at the top three most valuable blockchain infrastructure tokens by market cap today.

⚡️Top #Blockchain Infrastructure Tokens by Market Capitalization
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Ethereum (ETH)

After a 45 percent gain, the ETH price is rejected at the $3,400 level. On March 13, the price hit a low of $2,492.98. Three-month highs were challenged, and at present levels, the price of Ethereum seemed worn out. Hedge fund Three Arrows Capital has taken roughly 71,000 ETH out of Bitfinex, Binance, FTX, and Binance in the last 24 hours. The hedge fund has placed almost 52,420 ETH into the Curve’s ETH/stETH liquidity pool for Ethereum staking from this fund.


The Binance Bridge 2.0 implementation on the blockchain may result in significant growth for BNB Chain’s usefulness. It was announced on March 29 that Binance Bridge 2.0 would enable users to transfer Ethereum-based assets to the BNB Chain. In addition, tokens not listed on Binance are supported via the cross-chain bridge as BTokens that may be converted to the original asset whenever desired. Because Binance does not need third-party wallets, this is one of the key advantages.

Cardano (ADA)

The price of ADA began the day lower and has been close to the lower level ever since. There has been a barrier at $1.25 on the upside for the last two trading sessions. The present market behavior signals a pause in the upward momentum before it resumes. AdaSwap, the Cardano-based DEX, revealed that it would be launching an NFT marketplace this week. The new marketplace will be gamified with a voting system and tier-based classification of its members.

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