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EOS starts Transaction Lifecycle overhaul


invezz.com 30 March 2022 15:13, UTC
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After the EOS (EOS/USD) community entrusted the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) with development of its core blockchain software, the latter completed the first phase of EOSIO core software technical improvement, Invezz learned from a press release.

Blue Papers and development branches

There are four main Blue Papers: Audit+, Core+, API+, and Wallet+. The first and second focus on a framework for security analysis and on reestablishing EOSIO software as a leading blockchain technology stack respectively.

API+ aims to improve usability and statistics for dApps by making EOS node endpoints more functional. Finally, Wallet+ outlines new SDKs, wallets, and standards to improve overall user experience.

Partnership with OCI for execution

ENF joined forces with Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) for the execution. The consulting company’s tech division played a critical role in the development of EOSIO. OCI will work on and develop the Transaction Lifecycle overhaul outlined in the API+ papers.

Transaction Lifecycle is top priority

Both the community and the API+ Blue Paper identified Transaction Lifecycle as a high-priority item. The goal is to offer end users several major quality of life improvements. Current “subjective billing” features make predicting resource costs challenging. Moreover, transactions are hard to track and resubmit.

What improvements are planned?

A new API endpoint will estimate resource usage for submitted transactions. Routing within Subjective Billing will be adjusted to minimize the number of “lost” transactions. Transaction tracking and relaying will also be improved, making development of efficient block explorers easier.

Yves La Rose, ENF Executive Director, commented:

EOS is fortunate to be able to leverage an experienced team such as OCI. The ENF looks forward to the continued collaboration that will accrue significant value to the EOS Network. Having access to multiple industry leading development teams will undoubtedly strengthen EOS’ core codebase with many teams working in parallel to implement a consolidated roadmap of products and features as outlined in our Blue Papers.

Brian Johnson, OCI Principal Blockchain Engineer, stated:

OCI has been contributing to the development of EOSIO since the very beginning; we’re excited about this opportunity to work with ENF to build upon that work and make the EOS platform the most performant and easy to use blockchain in the world.

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