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Top Three DOT-Based Crypto Gainers Of The Day: RAZE, NDN, XFT


thenewscrypto.com 09 March 2022 21:08, UTC
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From the inception of blockchain technology into the crypto space, the adoption of cryptocurrencies is surging high. The utility of blockchain is to address the challenges in the crypto space and such cases, Ethereum Blockchain arises. After the Ethereum blockchain, to address the scalability and other issues from Ethereum the Polkadot emerged. Polkadot blockchain tried to offer an alternative blockchain for the improvement from low transaction speed and high trading fees.

Moreover, the project has grown since its inception while resulting in around 115 cryptocurrencies from its network. The fundamentals and utilities of Polkadot have led the network to grow high and still operate to surge higher. Now, let’s dive into the top three Polkadot-based crypto gainers of the day. According to CoinMarketCap, the top gainers are Raze Network (RAZE), NDN Link (NDN), and Offshift (XFT).

Top Polkadot Gainers

Though many would be expecting that Polkadot would be the top token when it comes to its own ecosystem. But in turn, the top gainer of the day is Raze network (RAZE) which is currently trading at $0.30 and also 43% up. The Polkadot ecosystem’s Raze Network is a Substrate-based cross-chain privacy mechanism. It is developing a DeFi and Web3 Cross-chain Privacy Middleware. It’s a built-in privacy layer that can ensure end-to-end anonymity for all DeFi and Web3 traffic. The platform contribution towards the development of Web3 and implementation of new features have helped the token to gain higher.

Significantly, the second top token is NDN Link (NDN), which is a future network technology that stands for Named Data Networking (NDN). NDN Link’s purpose is to promote the development of next-generation Internet applications and services by building a content-centric next generation of network technology. At the time of writing, NDN was trading at $0.003 which is 40.26% in the past 24-hours.

Furthermore, the top third DOT-based crypto gainer of the day is Offshift (XFT), an Ethereum-based cryptographically private offshore storage and DeFi technology. Currently, the trading price of XFT is $7.62 which experiences a 27.83% gain in the last 24-hours. However, the Polkadot projects have the potential to reach higher and deliver strong results. The abovementioned tokens are a few strong tokens that users can consider when they want to get involved in the DOT ecosystem.

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