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VeChain-based Verified Collector Records Massive Hit of Over 36 Million in China


newslogical.com 25 July 2020 19:30, UTC
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A VeChain blockchain verified collector figure made for the Veteran Chinese pop singer, Hua Chenyu, has recorded massive hits of over 36 million as lovers of the popstar come into contact indirectly with VeChain.

The figurines for the Popstar, shaped like a mouse, were produced by SNKr in conjunction with the Mars Space Station Platform popularly regarded as celebrities’ fashion and culture platform. It was launched in May with a special feature that let the buyer verify its authenticity on the VeChain blockchain through an NFC chip.

Each of the figurine toys worth about 130 dollars and has a permanent identifier for protection against product counterfeit. The product however spread rapidly among Hua Chenyu’s fans as video streaming the Pop star’s cat went viral.

Fans began to share photos of their house cats on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, where the thread garnered over 16.4 million comments.

However, in a bid to ensure that the collectors’ item is genuine, both developer companies officially launched a mobile app last week. The app provides universal transparency between the owner and the buyer as it is designed to enable users to scan the figurine using their Smartphones,

Also, It is important to mention that the announcement of the app and its guide have garnered over 100,000 views at press time.

Some Special Features of the VeChain-based Figurine

The fact that the Figurine’s data is stored on the VeChain blockchain makes it traceable by anyone, both the owners and other members of the network could track the product. Furthermore, with the incorporation of Non-Fungible Token (NFT), the company has created a market place where fans can buy and sell digitally verified goods and services.

Also, owners of the figures do not necessarily need to deal with cryptocurrency and this is why the SNKr and Mars Space Station have used VeChain’s fee delegation function for the transfer of the NFT token, this feature allows SNKr make transaction fee payments for the blockchain.

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