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Top 3 Altcoins With Huge Potential to Double in Value in March 2022


thenewscrypto.com 09 March 2022 10:01, UTC
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  • On March 14th, AdaLend will hold a public auction on five Launchpads.
  • The Bulliverse initiative has gained a sizable social media following.

Here are the top three altcoins, according to Joe Parys, a well-known crypto analyst, and YouTuber, who believes they have the best chance of doubling in value in March 2022.


The Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse created by and for the Bullieverse community. It’s designed for Web 3.0 citizens who want to immerse themselves in a virtual world. The outcome is a unique gaming experience backed by a transparent and equitable monetization model that serves as the foundation of its “play to earn” economy. Already, the initiative has gained a sizable social media following. A ‘low code’ platform makes it simple for community members to design and distribute games. A massive staking prize awaits today’s BULL token sale. On the OpenSea platform, the project already has NFT listed.


AdaLend has created a user-friendly, scalable, and completely decentralized Layer-1 platform enabling quick loan approval, automated collateral, trustless custody, and increased lending liquidity to address DeFi’s issues. AdaLend is a new kind of crypto lending platform built on the Cardano blockchain, a leading proof-of-stake (POS) solution.

AdaLend has been recently gaining attention from investors. It took less than an hour for the September 2021 private sale to sell 1.8 million ADAL tokens, generating $540,000. On March 14th, AdaLend will hold a public auction on five Launchpads (BSCPad, VelasPad, PulsePad, ADAPad, and ETHPad) to raise money for its expansion goals in the industry.


Substrate, Polkadot & DOTPad all use DOTPad to expand their ecosystem. By creating a genuinely open and cross-chain landscape, these efforts address interoperability challenges. For example, parachain and layer 1 chain projects, native Kusama and Polkadot Dapps to develop the ecosystem, infrastructure for the increasing ecosystem, and much more are DOTPad’s priority.

Future Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem projects may leverage DOTPad’s unified crowdfunding platform to get their projects off the ground, expand their user base, and speed up their development.

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