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Crypto Events | Acala Staking Program | March Week 1


www.altcoinbuzz.io 27 February 2022 09:57, UTC
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The entire cryptocurrency market space continues to trade in the red zone. Therefore, investors are turning to stablecoins as a hedge against rising bearish trends and price volatility.

In line with this, we have published some top upcoming crypto events expected to take place in this new week. These upcoming events range from updates, main net launches, staking programs, IGOs, Private sales, etc.

Also, Seedify Shark Race Club private sale and IGO launch, and Acala’s first staking program launch are some of this week’s upcoming crypto events. Let’s find out some more upcoming crypto events.

1. Harmony (ONE) Cosmos Bridge Launch.

Open and fast blockchain platform will soon have a Cosmos bridge. According to the announcement, the Harmony Cosmos bridge is set to go live on February 28th, 2022. And will make it possible to transfer crypto assets from Harmony to Cosmos IBC Chains and vice versa.

1/ We are glad to announce that we have approved a grant for @datachain_en to build a bridge between Harmony & @cosmos.

Datachain’s experience in building interoperability solutions using trustless intermediaries is peerless.

ONE step closer towards scaling cross-chain finance pic.twitter.com/27ueWWUkT0

— Harmony 💙 (@harmonyprotocol) January 12, 2022

Simply put, the bridge will serve as a secure and trustless intermediary between both chains. Furthermore, helping to facilitate interoperability and ease of use.

2. EOS Mandel 3.0 Testnet.

Exciting times for EOS.IO. The blockchain protocol has announced the upcoming launch of its Mandel 3.0 testnet. This is the first major update that is set to take place on the blockchain since 2020. The Mandel testnet will also be a fork of the EOS.IO code.

Also, Mandel 3.0 will be derived from EOS.IO 2.0 that will be followed by the launch of Mandel 2.3. Moreover, it will be derived from the EOS.IO 2.1 node.

#ENF supports @bytemaster7 on #Mandel 3.0 for #EOS 🤝

✅️ Configurable WASM Limits
✅️ Contract Pays
✅️ Enhanced Configurable Blockchain Params
✅️ Backport valuable 2.1 features

*Future Releases*
✅️ 3-second finality
✅️ Intrinsics to accelerate EVM and privacy support https://t.co/XMagJylpWY

— EOS Network Foundation (@EosNFoundation) December 20, 2021

The timeline shows that Mandel 3.0 testnet launch will go in February 2022. Also, on March 1st, 2022, the final Mandel 3.0 is going live. Moreover, on March 2nd, Mandel Network will also launch its Contract Pays System contract.

3. BlockWallet Launch of its Mainnet

One of the top private and non-custodial wallet browsers available today, BlockWallet announces the upcoming launch of its mainnet. Also, the launch, according to the announcement, will take place on February 28th, 2022. And will bring default privacy to the users of BlockWallet (BLANK).

The date is set, #BlockWallet public launch will happen on the 28th of February!

Privacy is a fundamental human right. With BlockWallet, it’s protected by default.https://t.co/XpmcEAPaxi pic.twitter.com/UgaPjmVcVH

— BlockWallet 🔲 (@GetBlockWallet) January 20, 2022

4. Acala First Staking Program

Winner of Polkadot’s first parachain auction and also known as the DeFi hub for Polkadot, Acala, is set to launch its first staking program. Interestingly, the staking program will go live on March 2nd, 2022. Also, during the staking, Acala will carry out buyback using surpluses of its staking reward.

Notably, Acala is also an ETH-compatible smart contract platform designed for decentralized finance (DeFi) on Polkadot.

The first ACA Staking program will go live next Thursday, March 3rd 🎉

As part of the initial ACA staking program, the Acala chain will execute ACA buy-backs using network-owned staking reward surplus.

Learn more from @bettechentt below, and watch for details and guides soon! pic.twitter.com/lYbyV0SGLE

— Acala – DeFi Hub of Polkadot (@AcalaNetwork) February 24, 2022

5. Seedify Shark Race Club Private Sale and IGO

Another strategic private sale, and IGO will go live on Seedify. Also, Seedify is arguably the number 1 incubator and launchpad platform for blockchain games and the metaverse.

In this new week, Seedify will carry out a private sale and IGO for the P2E metaverse 3D game Shark Race Club. Moreover, the private sale and IGO will take place on March 2nd and March 3rd, 2022, respectively.

We're excited to announce our Private Sale and IGO with @sharkraceclub on March 2nd and 3rd.🦈💦

🎮Shark Race Club is the first #NFT project with a rarity upgrade and P2E metaverse 3D Game.

🤩Are you looking forward to joining the club? Stay tuned for the news. pic.twitter.com/CQ7O2FGEQs

— Seedify (@SeedifyFund) February 15, 2022

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