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Top Crypto Events | Loopring NFT Drops | Jan Week 4


www.altcoinbuzz.io 23 January 2022 10:56, UTC
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Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency space have fallen even lower down the charts. According to CoinGecko, Bitcoin’s price decreased by -0.3% in the last 24 hours and currently trading at $35,766.

Also, to keep our readers informed, we have compiled some of the top crypto events expected to take place in the crypto space.

1. DeSo Mainnet Launch

Decentralized social blockchain, DeSo, has released strategic details of its fork timeline. The timeline includes:

  • The official Fork on January 11th.
  • The Release candidate will be live on January 14th.
  • The Nodes upgrade is for January 17th.
  • The Mainnet Hard fork triggers for January 24th.

Interestingly, DeSo is also popularly known as the world’s first-ever layer 1 blockchain. It is also designed to scale social dapps to hundreds of thousands of users.

Fork Timeline
* Tue Jan 11: Announce Fork
* Fri Jan 14: Release candidate is cut. DeSo team QA's
* Mon Jan 17: Final release is cut. Nodes upgrade to latest version
* Wed Jan 19: Testnet hard fork triggers
* Mon Jan 24: Mainnet hard fork triggers

— DeSo (@desoprotocol) January 12, 2022

2. Loopring Loophead NFT Drops

Renowned Ethereum zkRollup protocol, Loopring, has released details of its upcoming Loophead dynamic NFTs. This will let users make a direct fiat currency purchase using their Loopring L2 wallet. Also, this will help them qualify for the first 1,000 NFT airdrops.

According to the annoucement. a total of 10,000 Loopheads will be airdropped throughout 2022. That is a total of 10 NFT airdrops, each with 1,000 Loophead NFTs. Moreover, the very first NFT drop will take place on January 30th, 2022. Therefore, active members of the Loopring ecosystem will also have the opportunity to receive their Loophead NFT.

Just under 2 weeks left to get your hands on one of the first Loopheads dynamic #NFTs💙

All you have to do to qualify for the first 1,000 airdrop is make a direct fiat onramp purchase to your Loopring L2 wallet address on web or mobile

Read more here👇
➡️https://t.co/4QOFLxqEKx pic.twitter.com/hwpTpFG7VG

— Loopring (@loopringorg) January 17, 2022

3. Decubate Engines of Fury Private Sale

The pre-launch platform for the top Web 3.0 project, Decubate, has released details of an upcoming private sale involving Engines of Fury. Engines of Fury, also known as the future of crypto gaming, is set to go live on Decubate Rocket. According to reports, the launch and the ensuing crowdfunding event will also take place on January 28, 2021.

Also, to commemorate the event, Decubate has announced plans to launch a giveaway. Interestingly, $2,000 worth of prizes will be distributed during the giveaway event.

Engines of Fury, the future of crypto gaming, is coming to #Decubate 🚀

💰 We’re hosting a Crowdfunding Event (private sale) for @EnginesOfFury on January 28.

🎉 To celebrate, we’re giving away $2,000 in prizes!

⬇️ Enter to win!https://t.co/dHqOHBruem pic.twitter.com/jfl1BpJ6Ti

— Decubate.com ⚔️,⚔️ (@decubate) January 17, 2022

4. Polygon Farm Launch on Rigel Protocol

Polygon Farm is set to go live on decentralized platform Rigel protocol. According to the announcement, the Farm launch will take place on January 25th, 2022. Participants will also have the opportunity to earn huge APYs.

Moreover, the Rigel protocol is popular as the blockchain-based protocol for decentralized finance (DeFi).

📢#Polygon Farms Launching soon at Rigel Protocol!
🗓️Estimated Target Date: 25/01/2022
⏳Countdown for block #24100000: https://t.co/zPtoXQ54Kf
😉Get ready for great APYs!#RigelProtocol #farming #DeFi #dapps #Yield #Staking pic.twitter.com/l8mb5H13RD

— Rigel Protocol (@rigelprotocol) January 14, 2022

5. ADAX DEX Mainnet Launch

Exciting news for the Cardano ecosystem! Automated liquidity protocol within the Cardano ecosystem, ADAX, has announced its upcoming mainnet launch.

#Cardano Ecosystem exploded – the Market is open for business!

New tokens have been added to #ADAX #CEX for trading 👇🏼 $SUNDAE, $MILK, $LQ, $PAVIA, $XRAY, $HOSKY, $DANA, $RAVE, $CDX

Buy and trade here: https://t.co/anld4w89Oj#ADA #CardanoCommunity pic.twitter.com/bBwBxmtU79

— ADAX PRO (@adax_pro) January 21, 2022

The ADAX DEX was first launched as a Demo, being available to a small group of handpicked users. Indicating that the DEX will be open to the general public. The mainnet launch will also take place on January 30th, 2022.

6. TrustSwap Kitsumon INO Egg Sale

Polygon-based NFT game, Kitsumon, has announced details of its upcoming INO egg sale. Also, the INO sale will take place on January 28th, 2022, on Swappable. Likewise, Swappable is the TrustSwap NFT launchpad.

🔥😼Official INO Schedule OUT NOW!!😼🔥

Here is all the info you need on the INO schedule 👉 https://t.co/KBs0ZE7zDA 👈 @yayprotocol @SynapseNetwork_ @cyberfi_tech @Swappable_NFTs @Oxbull5 @gate_io @nftstars1 #MOBA #P2E #GAMING #NFT #KITSUMON pic.twitter.com/F6x7TPSBWu

— Kitsumon (@KitsumonWorld) January 17, 2022

According to the announcement, users can now easily gather and hatch their own Kitsumon.

Find out more about the upcoming INO launch here.

Moreover, we hope you’ve learned from the latest Crypto Events.

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