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Ripple Unleashes One Bln XRP from Escrow, Community Expects Price to Drop


u.today 02 April 2020 01:30, UTC
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It is the first day of another month – this means that Ripple has lavishly thrown XRP from its escrow wallet – one billion coins. Since the start of 2020, this monthly dragon-sized amount was withdrawn in two portions of 500 mln XRP each.

Image via Twitter

While the XRP price is in the green zone, trading at $0.173095 on CoinMarketCap, the comments under the tweets about the XRP release signify that the community is either indifferent (having got used to these releases already) or is expecting another price drop in the short term.

In January 2018, XRP, the third-largest cryptocurrency, reached an all-time high of nearly $3. Since then, XRP has been light years away from the ATH.

Many skeptics say that the XRP price is not going to rise even in the long term, mocking those who remain faithful, holding bags of the coin.

As earlier reported by U.Today, many in the community believe that regular XRP releases made by Ripple prevent the price from rising and reaching at least $1. In 2019, a petition was set up on Change.org by crypto influencer ‘Crypto_Bitlord’ who wanted Ripple to stop dumping XRP.

Curiously, later on, another petition appeared on the same platform, requesting Ripple to accelerate the release of XRP in order to increase the coin’s adoption, which would assumingly lead to a massive price surge.

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