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Another 2.80 Million Shiba Inu (SHIB) Tokens Were Burned By Bigger Entertainment

thecryptobasic.com 14 January 2022 19:03, UTC
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Steven Cooper, an owner of Bigger Entertainment, recently declared that his company has sent another 2.80 million Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens to the dead wallet. With this transaction along with other smaller burns this week, the company becomes able to burn a total of 1,012,508,035 SHIB since the launch of its burning campaigns on October 20th, 2021.

Another 2.8 Million #shib burned along with many smaller burns this week. This brings our total to 1,012,508,035 #shib burned since launching on Oct. 20th, 2021. Lets burn another BILLION during our next burn party! #shibarmyhttps://t.co/z6avj9dwcI

— Steven Cooper (@iamstevencooper) January 14, 2022

Bigger Entertainment is now the leading SHIB Burner project. All the burns reported by the company are legit as the pseudonymous developer of SHIB, Shytoshi Kusama verify these burns himself.

Bigger Entertainment plans to burn another Billion coins in just one transaction in its upcoming Burn Party on February 14, 2022. The owner of Bigger Entertainment states that with SHIB at these prices, this massive billion token burn can only be possible in one transaction if around 5,000 people contribute just $5 USD of their savings to the upcoming Burn Party.

At the moment, Bigger Entertainment has built three major streams for burning SHIB.

  1. Burn Parties
  2. SHIB Burner Playlists containing more than 600 songs.
  3. SHIB’s Merch Collection

This Wednesday, Bigger Entertainment has organized a Twitter Poll to know the people’s favorite way to burn SHIB with the company. The Poll’s outcome at the time of writing was as follow:

58.6% of the people said they enjoy burn parties, while 36.7% seem interested in burning SHIB with SHIB Burner Playlist. Only 4.7% voted for SHIB merchandise.

Seeing the poll’s result may Bigger Entertainment remove the SHIB Merchandise collection from its Burning Campaign list and introduce something interesting in the future.

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