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Ethereum Killer Polygon (MATIC) Partners With Universe Finance

thenewscrypto.com 10 January 2022 18:04, UTC
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  • ETH-USD LP has the best return rate in the last few months in Universe Finance.
  • There are no gas expenses for rebalancing and reinvesting.

Within the coming few days, Universe Finance will be deployed on Polygon. Thus, the platform’s efficiency and general user experience would both increase due to this.

🗝 We will deploy Universe Finance on @0xPolygon within a few days.

🪐 Universe knows the importance of low gas fees and high-speed transactions.

⛓ With polygon, spacemen can enjoy the comfort of efficiency while harvest boosted Uni V3 returns.

See you guys there 🍰 🥂 pic.twitter.com/BbjYBll2O3

— Universe Finance (@Universe_FIN) January 10, 2022

Universe Finance is Uniswap V3’s active liquidity management platform based on risk rating and quantitative techniques. In contrast to Yearn, which concentrates on Curve Finance, Universe Finance, specifically optimized for Uniswap V3 usage. LPs with varying risk appetite levels might find something in Universe Finance’s product lineup.

With Uniswap V3, it is now possible to collect liquidity within a predetermined range, which means it may create revenues many times higher than with Uniswap V2. LPs face several issues as a result of their high yields. In the Uniswap ecosystem, Universe caters to various sorts of consumers. Multiple issues and demands are addressed by various items that may be combined to solve them using Universe.

Risk Grading Management Solution

ETH-USD LP has the best return rate in the last few months in Universe Finance. With minor retracement and a high Sharpe ratio, it is still possible for its customers to make fee revenue even after extensive market testing. In addition, there are no gas expenses for rebalancing and reinvesting, which saves customers money. In order to fulfill the demands of various LPs, risk grading management solutions are available. Because of Polygon integration, Universe Finance anticipates more scalability, cheaper gas costs, and quicker transaction times.

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