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Cardano's First All-in-One DeFi Wallet Announces New Connectivity Milestone

u.today 06 January 2022 15:48, UTC
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Cardano's first all-in-one DeFi wallet, GeroWallet, has announced a new connectivity milestone. The latest release of version 1.8.10 now allows users to connect GeroWallet to a growing list of Cardano decentralized apps. GeroWallet provides users with the ability to purchase Cardano using fiat, while allowing users to swap, stake and margin trade synthetic assets.

.@GeroWallet dApp connector is live with the latest update to version 1.8.8!

You can now connect #GeroWallet to an ever evolving whitelist of #Cardano decentralized apps.

Get the details here:https://t.co/6y7iiLZI7S#ADA @CardanoStiftung @Cardano #CardanoADA $ADA pic.twitter.com/6N35EIlAXM

— Cardano Daily (@cardano_daily) January 6, 2022

In a recent post, the team states that the latest upgrade has ushered in another milestone referred to as dApp connector functionality. This allows connectivity to Cardahub, an NFT marketplace that allows users to buy and sell NFTs from popular Cardano NFT collections.

2022 kicks off with a new milestone

U.Today earlier reported that Charles Hoskinson disclosed in a whiteboard video that the Cardano network planned to spend the next six to nine months improving its decentralized applications (dApps) ecosystem.

Among these are Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs) to be implemented in June, e.g, read-only UTXO. Already, about a dozen Cardano projects are earmarked for launch in 2022. Expectations continue to mount with the hope that these developments might impact ADA fundamentals positively in 2022. At press time, ADA is trading at $1.22.

The latest version of GeroWallet allows for dApp connector functionality for Cardahub users as Cardano continues to make progress in its development activity. U.Today earlier reported on Cardano emerging as the most developed asset in 2021.

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