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Dogecoin Community Raised 1,63,428 Doge To Remove 42,000 Pounds Of Trash From The Ocean

thecryptobasic.com 06 January 2022 11:08, UTC
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Dogecoin (DOGE) Community is doing its best to remove trash from oceans.

The Dogecoin community raised 163.428K Dogecoin and removed around 42,000 pounds of trash from the ocean.

The #dogecoin community raised 163428 Dogecoin and removed around 42,000 pounds of trash from the ocean. @teamseas @mrbeast @markrober

Thank You #DogeCommunity.

Much Wow! pic.twitter.com/rEUvvwJvBR

— Dogecoin (@dogecoin) January 5, 2022

Looking back into history, the Dogecoin team formed a Dogecoin, a not-for-profit Foundation and Board of Advisors, in 2014, with the mission to provide support, advocacy, trademark protection, and governance for the cryptocurrency project. Unfortunately, the foundation was dissolved over time.

The Doge development team became inactive for several years. However, the team again reintroduced the foundation in 2021 with a “renewed focus on supporting the Dogecoin Ecosystem, community and promoting the future of the Dogecoin Blockchain.” Dogecoin’s new foundation has Vitalik Buterin as a board advisor and Elon Musk’s representative, Jared Birchall.

In response to this development, Since 2021, Dogecoin (DOGE) collaborated with TeamSeas, world-famous Youtubers like Mr. Beast and Mark Rober, and good shibes all around the world with a mission to remove trash from the oceans.

According to TeamSeas official website:

“TeamSeas will be one of the biggest, most-impactful cleanup projects.”

The TeamSeas and Dogecoin site went live on October 30, 2021, to help save the planet. The announcement was made by Dogecoin’s official Twitter handle via tweet.

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