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Top Crypto News: 12/23 - Waggle Network $WGT Whitelist Launch


www.altcoinbuzz.io 23 December 2021 19:00, UTC
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We have seen a lot of sideways trading in the cryptocurrency space in recent times. Bitcoin is looking to cross the $50k benchmark and is currently trading at $49,101.23 (-0.4%). Ethereum is also down by 1.6% and currently trading at $3,978.66.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

1. Agoric Token Sale On CoinList

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chain Agoric announces the commencement of registration for its upcoming token sale. The token sale is expected to take place on CoinList on December 29, 2021, at exactly 6 pm (UTC).

According to the official announcement, the token sale will take place in two stages.

First, starting on December 29 at 6 pm (UTC) is Stage 1 at $0.08 per token. Interested persons will have to purchase a minimum of $100 worth of tokens and a maximum of $1000 worth of tokens. The token sale will have a supply of 45 million with a 6-month lock-up period.

Next, the 2nd token sale option will also commence on December 29, 2021, but at 11 pm (UTC). The price per token for this round will be $0.65 per token. Participants will be able to purchase a minimum of $100 token worth and a maximum of $1000 token. However, this option will have a 12 month linear release period and so will unlock around November 1, 2022.

Also, the deadline to register for the Agoric token sale is December 26, 23:59 UTC.

Interested persons can register here.

So what else do we have in our Top Crypto News?

2. COTI Native Goes Live

The world’s first-ever DAG protocol for decentralized payments COTI has announced the launch of COTI Native. Now, interested persons can seamlessly convert their COTI native tokens to Euro Fiat currency. In fact, converted funds can also be immediately spent using the COTI debit card.

We are happy to share that you can now convert COTI Native coins into Euros in your COTI bank account and immediately spend it with your COTI debit card.

Read more about it: https://t.co/zEkA1v7oKG$COTI #STAYCOTI @SimplexCC pic.twitter.com/gl4rwQl435

— COTI (@COTInetwork) December 22, 2021

3. Unmarshal Solana Indexer Set To Go Live

Multi-chain DeFi data network Unmarshal has announced plans to launch its Unmarshal Solana Indexer. The Indexer is set to go live on December 25, 2021. And it will bring speed and top-notch indexing features to the Solana Chain.

📢Attention all #BUIDLers on @solana

The wait is almost over🚀 Soon you'll be able to use our ⚡️blazing fast #APIs to query the fastest network🏃

#Solana #DeFi #NFT #metaverse #web3

👀@solana_india @SolanaStatus @SuperteamDAO pic.twitter.com/mbOCBHhEhj

— Unmarshal (@unmarshal) December 22, 2021

4. Waggle Network GalaxyWar Whitelist Launch

Lastly, decentralized multi-chain platform Waggle Network has announced details of its Pre-IDO launch for GalaxyWar NFT. The whitelist for the pre-IDO launch went live today, and interested persons are encouraged to register for the upcoming IDO.

Find out more about Waggle Network GalaxyWar NFT ($GWT) upcoming IDO and how to participate.

🌌 Are you ready to embark on a new adventure in the multiverse? Whitelist for @GalaxyWarNFT $GWT is NOW LIVE!

🛸 Join us: https://t.co/fxYxLaMROD
🛸 Guideline: https://t.co/QVKWmwDghF

🍯 More privileges? Staking $WAG now: https://t.co/AF19Hjw7nM pic.twitter.com/2GGCGUJjk3

— Waggle Network (@wagglenetwork) December 23, 2021

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