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12 Recipients of LISTA Airdrop Dispose 25 Million Tokens!

source-logo  coincu.com 21 June 2024 08:01, UTC

Key Points:

  • LISTA’s price surged by 37% post-airdrop and CEX listing.
  • 59% of the airdrop (31.1M LISTA) went to 12 entities; they’ve sold 25M tokens (~$16.8M).
  • Major impact on DEX and CEX markets, highlighting LISTA’s evolving market dynamics.

According to Spot On Chain, immediately after the LISTA airdrop and listing on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, the LISTA price increased.

The LISTA price surged 37% since the airdrop was complete and available on CEXs.

The $LISTA price is up 37% since its airdrop and CEX listing.

We noticed that 59% of the claimed airdrop, ~31.1M $LISTA, went to 12 receiving entities.

Among these claimers’ tokens, 25M $LISTA ($16.8M) have been either sold via DEX or deposited to #Binance and #Bitget in the… pic.twitter.com/C5EndAFF6X

— Spot On Chain (@spotonchain) June 21, 2024

The airdrop—distributing about 59% of all its tokens to 12 specific entities— dispersed approximately 31.1 million LISTA tokens between the recipients. Regarding events among the recipients, one major development occurred within the past 20 hours: a large portion of these tokens has been circulated through decentralized exchanges or deposited onto leading DEX and CEXs like Binance and Bitget.

59% Airdrop to 12 Entities, $16.8M Tokens Sold

The wallets belonging to these entities have liquidated 25 million LISTA tokens, which, at current market valuation, amounts to around $16.8 million. This has been quite a sizeable liquidity event for the wider market dynamics of LISTA in terms of volumes and sentiments.

The immediate dump of LISTA tokens in DEX and CEX’s leading platforms speaks volumes about this instant market response to the airdrop and successive trading opportunities. Market analysts are monitoring these developments closely to improve their awareness of token price stability and investor interest.

After getting listed on key exchanges, the sojourn continues with the strategic distribution of tokens amongst key entities to strengthen LISTA’s journey in the cryptocurrency market. The events of these transactions further shape the attention gained from traders and investors. Major stakeholders keep keen eyes on emerging developments that might shape LISTA’s trajectory in the short term.

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