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Second Sei Airdrop Will Distribute 27.4 Million SEI To Active Users

source-logo  coincu.com 29 May 2024 05:03, UTC

Key Points:

  • The Sei Foundation will distribute 27.4 million SEI coins to 43,052 active users.
  • Users can verify eligibility on a designated website, with a deadline before Sei v2 Phase 3.
  • Core contributors and Sei Foundation wallets are excluded from the second Sei airdrop.
The Sei Foundation has revealed the second Sei airdrop, distributing 27,421,200 SEI coins to 43,052 independent addresses.

Sei Foundation Announces Major Second Sei Airdrop for Active Users

The second Sei airdrop rewards users who have been active since the Sei mainnet‘s launch, particularly those involved in securing the network through staking and liquid staking, as well as collectors from top NFT communities.

Users can now visit a designated website to verify if their wallet addresses qualify for the airdrop. Eligible users must read and accept the terms and conditions to receive the tokens. The deadline for participation is the start of Phase 3 of the Sei v2 launch, which is anticipated in the coming weeks.

Unlike the first airdrop, which received criticism from users on X for not meeting expectations, the second Sei airdrop aims to better satisfy the Sei community. Core contributors and wallets linked to the Sei Foundation or laboratory are excluded from participating in this airdrop.

Sei v2 Upgrade Enhances Network with Dual Address Support

The Sei v2 upgrade, available to developers and early adopters, introduces several enhancements to the network. Validators are upgrading their software to implement Sei v2 on the mainnet, ensuring existing applications and tokens remain operational.

The phased rollout is designed to optimize performance, set clear expectations, and reduce risks. One significant feature of the Sei v2 upgrade is the support for dual addresses, allowing compatibility with both 0x addresses and native Sei blockchain addresses.

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