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Ethena USDe Custodian Certificate Shows Skyrocketing Asset Value!

source-logo  coincu.com 27 May 2024 15:52, UTC

Key Points:

  • Ethena’s May custodian certificate reveals $2.677 billion in assets, bolstering investor confidence.
  • Copper, Ceffu, and Cobo verified holdings contribute significantly to the custodial assets.
  • With $15.4 million for redemptions and $42.3 million in reserves, Ethena ensures liquidity and stability.
Ethena USDe has released its highly anticipated USDe asset custodian certificate for May.

The certificate, unveiled as of 18:00 (UTC+8) on May 24, showcases a remarkable $2.677 billion in custodial assets, further solidifying Ethena’s position in the digital asset market.

Among the key highlights of the custodian certificate is the revelation that the supply of USDe stands at 2.673 billion. This substantial supply underscores the growing demand for stablecoin assets and reflects investor confidence in Ethena’s ecosystem.

Copper verified holdings amount to an impressive $1.318 billion, followed closely by Ceffu verified holdings at $1.338 billion. Additionally, Cobo verified holdings contribute $5.52 million to the overall custodial assets. The verification of these holdings reaffirms Ethena’s commitment to transparency and accountability in managing digital assets.

Ethena’s Financial Infrastructure Highlights

One notable aspect of the custodian certificate is the disclosure of unrealized gains and losses by all custodians. This transparency provides investors with valuable insights into the performance and stability of Ethena’s custodial assets, fostering trust and confidence in the platform.

Ethena’s minting/redemption contracts boast $15.4 million available to meet redemption needs, ensuring liquidity and flexibility for USDe holders. Additionally, the reserve fund stands at an impressive $42.3 million, further strengthening Ethena’s financial position and resilience.

The release of the USDe asset custodian certificate for May underscores Ethena’s commitment to transparency, reliability, and investor protection. With robust custodial assets, ample liquidity, and a substantial reserve fund, Ethena continues to pave the way for innovation and growth in the cryptocurrency space. Investors can confidently engage with Ethena’s ecosystem, knowing that their assets are in capable hands.

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