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ZKSwap V3 Launches 50,000 ZKS Airdrop to Stress-Test its NFT Functions. Is it Next Loopring?

u.today 08 December 2021 08:57, UTC
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ZKSwap, an all-in-one ecosystem of second-layer mechanisms tailored for decentralized exchange of crypto assets and operations with NFTs, unveils the details of stress testing of its third iteration.

50,000 ZKS for first explorers of ZKSwap V3

According to the official announcement shared by the team of zk-rollups-based platform ZKSwap, its v3 version is ready for open public stress testing.

😌We brought #ZKSWAP V3 Testnet online!

🦜More language versions & campaigns are on the pipeline

📥Check out our monthly review👇https://t.co/1vnyihA8T5

— ZKSwap (@ZKSwapOfficial) December 3, 2021

DeFi and NFT enthusiasts are invited to try all ‘killing features’ of the upcoming release: NFT minting, airdrops, storage, advanced AMM, and transfers. After testing, users should submit their feedback to the official ZKSwap forum with the #V3 Testnet Feedback# label added to the title of the post.

The authors of the best reviews will receive lucrative rewards. Sixty participants will be granted Best Contribution Awards (500 ZKS), while 200 testers will receive 100  ZKS each as Honorable Awards.

Feedback should be submitted between Dec. 1 and Dec. 14, 2021; authors of plagiarized content will have their accounts deleted permanently. Rewards will be distributed seven days after the conclusion of the feedback campaign. One Ethereum (ETH) address should be accompanied by one IP address.

Next rally in the zk-rollups segment is in the cards?

ZKSwap is among the most technically advanced projects of the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem: it is focused on bringing L2 scalability practices to all spheres of Web3, including DeFi, GameFi, NFTs and so on.

As covered by U.Today previously, it made the headlines in Q3, 2021, by launching the second iteration, ZKSwap v2. It demonstrated optimized transaction logics for better throughput and decreased fees.

However, compared to DeFi, NFT and the play-to-earn spheres, the zk-proofs segment remains unexplored for the mainstream crypto audience. As such, the most splendid rallies in this segment are yet to come.

Loopring (LRC), a core native cryptocurrency token of Loopring second-layer product, rallied almost 900% in the first half of November 2021. Just like ZKSwap, Loopring utilizes ZK-proofs.

As such, the LRC token rally is a reliable signal of unmatched investor interest in this type of Ethereum (ETH) scalability solution in Q4, 2021.

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