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Expert Sheds Light on XRP Ledger Clawback Amendment, Debunks Claims of Secret Amendments

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 28 September 2023 12:26, UTC

Top XRP influencer WrathofKahneman disproves secret XRPL amendment claims and clarifies transparency in the XRP Ledger network.

In a recent tweet, WrathofKahneman (WoK), a prominent figure in the XRP community, dispelled claims about the presence of secret amendment in the XRP Ledger (XRPL) ecosystem.

“If someone tells you there are secret XRPL amendments, they are deceiving you,” WoK proclaimed in the tweet.

If someone tells you there are secret #XRPL amendments, they are deceiving you. The amendment process is public. If someone tells you about the XLS-39d clawback proposal know that it is only for issued tokens (trustlines) and doesn't affect #XRP.https://t.co/oO1YscB8jH

— WrathofKahneman 🪝 (@WKahneman) September 27, 2023

Furthermore, WoK argued that no secrecy exists concerning amendments to XRPL. He disclosed that they are entirely public and transparent.

Notably, the argument about the supposed secrecy in XRPL revision stemmed from the development community’s XLS-39D Clawback Amendment. In a recent tweet, a prominent pro-XRP influencer, Lewis Jackson, tweeted, “There is a secret XRPL Amendment that makes ‘The BuyBack’ possible.”

In the tweet, Jackson provided no detailed explanation of his claim. Instead, he claimed he would discuss them in an upcoming video. Some XRP community members already challenged his sentiment. They argue Jackson had no clue what he was talking about.

The Clawback Amendment

Moreover, in his statement, WoK clarified that the disputed XLS-39 clawback amendment only concerns issued tokens, specifically trust lines assets. He added that it has no impact on the XRP token itself.

Besides, XRPL documentation provides proper context to the clawback issue. It stated that in light of regulatory considerations, certain token issuers need the capability to retrieve tokens that have been disseminated to various accounts.

The docs highlighted that the mechanism serves as a safeguard in scenarios where tokens are inadvertently sent to accounts involved in illegal activities, permitting issuers to recover these funds.

Also, it stated that the clawback flag cannot be activated once tokens have already been issued. As a default setting, clawback is disabled.

Ultimately, this clarification establishes that the clawback amendment was not a secret feature, as the XRP influencer claimed.