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Zilliqa and MAD Lions Join Forces to Launch Fan Loyalty Program ‘The Pride’ Ahead of League of Legends World Championship

source-logo  coincodex.com 26 September 2023 12:53, UTC

Ahead of the highly anticipated League of Legends (LoL) World Championship, MAD Lions is proud to announce the official launch of ‘The Pride’, in partnership with Zilliqa. The Esports powerhouse will leverage Zilliqa’s cutting-edge technology to reward fans and build a stronger relationship between its teams and global fan base.

A fan loyalty program, ‘The Pride’ had a successful beta run last month. Today, at 2 p.m. ET (20:00 CEST), it will become available to all fans, worldwide. As the official blockchain partner, Zilliqa will provide the needed technology infrastructure. It is another boost for ZIL Price, which is up 1.9% this week.

The Pride – Exclusive Benefits and Opportunities for Members

OverActive Media, the parent company of MAD Lions, is committed to fostering a stronger relationship between its numerous teams and their global fan base. The Pride is exclusively created for MAD Lions' global fan base and will offer many benefits and opportunities.

Based on initial information, The Pride will offer exclusive benefits and features for its members, such as limited edition merchandise and special event invitations. To truly create a stronger community, the special events will feature personal interactions with players and other high-profile figures.

Free and Easy to Join

A typical fan loyalty program, The Pride is totally free and quite easy to join. MAD Lions fans can register from anywhere in the world to enjoy the exclusive offers. As participants, they will be required to complete certain fun challenges and quests either online or in person. In return, they’ll earn points called ‘Roars’, which can then be used to claim rewards, including valuable items and exclusive opportunities.

While there are several valuable items to create, OverActive Media is willing to improve the benefits and opportunities available on The Pride. A deeper involvement in the ecosystem will present even more opportunities for fans.

Zilliqa – A Worthy Blockchain Partner

In choosing Zilliqa as its blockchain partner for the MAD Lions loyalty program, OverActive Media found a committed entity with the right infrastructure. Chief Commercial Officer at OverActive Media, Alyson Walker, admitted as much when he said “Zilliqa’s cutting-edge technology allows us to offer unique, interactive rewards that showcase our appreciation for every fan.”

On its part, Zilliqa is relishing the opportunity to continue to drive innovation in the loyalty sector. The Zilliqa Group is not only interested in participating but in leading the drive to redefine loyalty for the modern era.

Commenting on the recently announced collaboration, Zilliqa Group CEO, Matt Dyer, said:

“At Zilliqa Group, we recognize the immense value of loyalty in building sustainable relationships. Our collaboration with MAD Lions underscores our commitment to driving innovation in the loyalty sector, ensuring fans and brands connect meaningfully by driving and rewarding engagement. With a market poised to grow to $28.5 billion by 2030, Zilliqa Group’s vision is to participate and lead, leveraging Web3’s transformative capabilities to revitalize and redefine loyalty for the modern era.”

MAD Lions Getting Ready for a Critical Event

The League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) will kick off in South Korea on October 10, 2023. It is one of the most important events on the Esports calendar and MAD Lions’ professional LoL team will hope to put up an impressive performance.

Since joining the League of Legends EMEA Championship in 2019, the MAD Lions team has never missed out on Worlds qualification. It has also topped the viewership charts for total hours watched consistently. It has also secured top-three placements at the Winter and Spring Splits and LEC Finals. Next month, it will hope to end the season on a high.

Wrapping Up

The Zilliqa Group and OverActive Media first entered into a partnership in 2022. The goal was always to deliver enhanced digital engagement experiences for fans and partners. The recent collaboration with MAD Lions is in line with this initial goal.

It’s worth noting that The Zilliqa group has been delivering on all fronts. Its commitment to redefining the loyalty sector is uncommon and has been yielding fruits. As its ecosystem continues to improve, it's important to keep an eye on Zilliqa's price prediction and take advantage of emerging opportunities.