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Stakemoon Presale Token Launches with 1Million Coins Up for Grabs 

www.cryptovibes.com 21 October 2021 03:11, UTC
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Stakemoon Presale Token Launches with 1Million Coins Up for Grabs
There is a new and exciting opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to invest in the presale of a new DeFi token, Stakemoon.

This highly anticipated token offer serves as a unique opportunity to cash in early and sell with a huge profit margin.

Stakemoon – Innovative Digital Currency Project
With decentralised finance (DeFi) picking up steam in the last few months, more investors are coming into the sub-sector. Also, DeFi platforms have boomed in the previous year. A notable example is the DeFi Coin token (DEFC) which surged from an entry price of $0.10 to almost $4.

Another DeFi platform that’s looking to revolutionise the blockchain ecosystem is Stakemoon, a decentralised protocol that allows users to stake their cryptocurrencies in exchange for rewards. The Stakemoon virtual currency powers the innovative digital currency protocol.

Following a well-defined crypto roadmap, the Stakemoon crypto project began the presale of its token at 11 a.m GMT on October 20, 2021. The coins are now available for a low price of $0.0035, with 1 million Stakemoon coins up for grabs. The Stakemoon team will allocate 50% of the raised funds into a liquidity pool to further beef up its liquidity volume.

To grab your Stakemoon coins, you will need to reach out to the Stakemoon team through an over-the-counter (OTC) help desk. Aside from Stakemoon coins, the DeFi protocol will also offer liquidity pools for other top-performing coins in the coming months.

To incentivise long-term growth, Stakemoon penalises sellers with a 15% tax and distributes 10% of the levied fee to the token holders. The remaining 5% is dropped in the Stakemoon liquidity pool.

As part of its roadmap, Stakemoon will initially be launched on the popular decentralised exchange (DEX) platform PancakeSwap. Aside from PancakeSwap, Stakemoon will broaden its audience appeal and launch on DEX aggregator platform 1Inch and popular DEX platform SushiSwap in Q4, 2021. Also, a crypto exchange listing on BitMart is scheduled to come up soon.

How to Buy Stakemoon
With the huge potential that comes with owning Stakemoon coins, you may be curious about how to buy Stakemoon. To do this, follow the steps below: 

  1. Use a Compatible Crypto WalletThe initial step is to use a crypto wallet to store your Stakemoon coins when the presale ends. You can consider top options like MetaMask or Coinbase wallet. However, since Stakemoon is on BSC, we recommend Trust Wallet, and you can use it on your Android or iOS device.
    Once you have downloaded the Trust Wallet, you will need to input your wallet address during the presale event.
  2. Buy Stakemoon Coins
    The second step will be to indicate how many Stakemoon coins you want to buy. The minimum amount to invest is pegged at $5000, which would be paid in Binance Coin (BNB). You can extend your investment to $10,000 to snap up more Stakemoon coins.
  3. Get your Stakemoon Coins
    Once you have inputted the amount you want to invest, the last step will be to receive your Stakemoon coins. This would automatically be sent to the wallet address you inserted once the presale event concludes.

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