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IOG Releases New Cardano Node Version To Fix Root Cause Of Brief Outage


thecryptobasic.com 28 January 2023 10:57, UTC
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IOG introduces Cardano node 1.35.5.

Input Output, the team responsible for Cardano research and development, has released a new node version in response to the brief node outage the network experienced last weekend.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson took to Twitter yesterday to share the GitHub release of node 1.35.5, urging stake pool operators (SPOs) to upgrade their nodes. According to the IOG chief, in response to inquiries, the new node version is not a patch but tackles the root cause of the brief outage experienced last weekend.

Fixed. Update your node https://t.co/6QNMDv3u9g

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) January 27, 2023

Recall that the Cardano network experienced a brief node outage last Sunday that saw about 50% of network nodes inexplicably offline. However, the network managed to recover automatically in a few minutes without the need for an intervention. Impressively, the fix comes less than one week after the incident. It implies that developers could identify the root cause and deploy a fix in 6 days.

Already, SPOs have started upgrading to the new node version per responses to Hoskinson’s tweet.

We are up to date @IOHK_Charles 🤝 https://t.co/EA5ipAFUoF

— OTAKU – Cardano Stake Pool (@otaku_pool) January 27, 2023

Developers are yet to disclose the root cause of the outage. However, a developer has informed the community to expect a post-mortem report in 6 to 8 weeks.

In the meantime, many have hailed Cardano’s quick recovery from the outage as a mark of its resilience. Hoskinson said it highlighted the value of self-healing and decentralization.

Notably, outages are nothing new in the crypto space. Still, the Cardano incident starkly contrasts outages experienced on platforms like Solana, which have lasted as long as 48 hours.

In a tweet today, Hoskinson expressed excitement, asserting that things are moving fast and coming together nicely on the Cardano network. “Sidechains are coming along including Cosmos, djed is launching soon, Hydra and Mithril on schedule, Lace almost out of beta, tons of DApps coming online,” the Cardano founder wrote.

It's exciting to see things moving so quickly in the Cardano ecosystem. Sidechains are coming along including Cosmos, djed is launching soon, Hydra and Mithril on schedule, Lace almost out of beta, tons of DApps coming online. pic.twitter.com/qU81S5uHzK

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) January 28, 2023

As reported, COTI, issuers of Djed, Cardano’s stablecoin, have announced that the stablecoin will launch next week. In addition, IOG is set to open the door to Cosmos interoperability, as it will integrate World Mobile’s Tendermint-built chain as a Cardano sidechain. In the past week alone, at least one new project has launched on the network, with ten additional projects in development, bringing the total number of projects in development to 1,191, per the weekly development report.

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