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Shiba Inu Leads Dogecoin in Social Activity, But Rich Quack Tops Them Both


beincrypto.com 25 January 2023 09:24, UTC
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Meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu draw much of their momentum from social activity. However, there could be a new social king of the meme coins with Rich Quack.

Data from the crypto social intelligence portal LunarCrush on Jan. 24 has revealed which meme coins rank highest for social activity.

There were a couple of surprises in the results, such as Shiba Inu coming ahead of Dogecoin. However, the leading meme coin was Rich Quack (QUACK) regarding social mentions and activity over time.

The findings were posted on Jan. 24 by ‘Crypto_Dep:’

Meme Token Social Activity Data From LunarCrush | Crypto_Dep

Rich Quack Topples the Dogs

The former king of the meme coins, Dogecoin, was in the third spot with 1.99% social dominance across all social media. Furthermore, Dogecoin had a social engagement of 20.8 million, which it led for. Social engagement measures upvotes, retweets, replies, and followers. It had a score of 8,210 for social mentions.

Shiba Inu was in second place overall, with a social dominance score of 2.09%. Additionally, it scored 16.2 million for social engagement but beat Dogecoin on mentions with a score of 10,100.

However, leading both doggie-themed coins was Rich Quack. The duck-themed coin scored 1.91% for social dominance and 7.6 million for social engagement. Its winning score was social mentions, of which LunarCrush had recorded 13,600.

Rich Quack is a BNB Chain project describing itself as a “hyper deflationary, self-generating automatic liquidity that pays out static rewards to holders.”

It offers staking yields and liquidity pools but not much else separating it from the thousands of other DeFi and meme coins out there.

Rich Quack was also gaining social momentum among other Binance Chain-based projects.

QUACK, DOGE, and SHIB Price Outlook

Rick Quack has a supply of 44 quadrillion tokens which is why its price is $0.0000000012. There has been no movement over the past 24 hours, but it has made 15% in the past fortnight. QUACK is down 92% from its November 2021 all-time high.

SHIB prices had dropped 7% on the day in a fall to $0.00001132. However, the meme coin has made 22.6% over the past two weeks. SHIB has dropped 87% since its all-time high.

DOGE was trading at $0.0844 after losing 6.2% on the day. The coin has only made 8.7% over the past two weeks, underperforming its two peers. DOGE is currently down 88.5% from its peak price.

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