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XRPTipBot: Addition of more tokens to tipbot would confuse users, says Wietse Wind


ambcrypto.com 20 May 2019 07:20, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

The third largest cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap, XRP had been stagnating since the beginning of the year. The coin was still valued at $0.3769, while there have been tremendous changes in the prices of most other major cryptocurrencies. However, major proponents from the XRP community are trying to bring in new technological developments and tools for the community to use.

The XRPtipbot, developed by Wietse Wind is one such tool that enables the XRP community to tip each other on various social media channels, including Twitter. However, since the crypto-enthusiasts can only send and receive XRP, a Twitter user @dakisan asked Wind:

“Hey @WietseWind!
If it’s possible to represent any token, or value, on the #xrp ledger, would it then be feasible to”

The user continued:

“1) refactor the tipbot to allow a sender to specify the currency Eg +0.0001 $btc @xrptipbot, and,

2) get a tweet/dm feedback to confirm success/failure?”

The developer informed that he had been asked this question several times and that the feature was not supported on Tipbot. However, Wind added:

“I was thinking about this feature for the V2 developments, but I think it will be way to confusing for users. I want to offer a simple, easy to use, easy to get started with service.”

Another Twitter user, @KevOnCrypro, questioned this idea by Wind as another user suggested the implementation of an ‘advanced user menu’. Wind reminded the user that the objective was not sending the crypto, but instead, receiving it. He added,

“Imagine receiving a tip for the first time, not knowing what the TipBot is, not knowing what XRP is, and then, to complicate matters, not knowing how it can be another token, etc.”

He further used the instance of tipping another person with ‘your own worthless BTC token’, which the recipient would consider as an original and of some value. He further used an analogy to explain the situation:

“And to make it even worse, a BTC token issued by let’s say @Gatehub Fifth may be worth an actual BTC, but you could also issue your own worthless BTC token and the recipient would think they actually received something of value, while it’s worthless.”

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