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Users Can Send LUNC From Terra Station Updated Mobile App As Gas And Tax Calculation Errors Fixed


thecryptobasic.com 28 September 2022 09:45, UTC
Reading time: ~3 m

Terra Station wallet is again functional for Terra Classic (LUNC) transactions.

LUNC investors will be happy to know that they can once again send LUNC with their mobile phones. The Terra Rebels team has fixed gas and tax calculation errors on the Terra Station app, as announced in a tweet today.

“TerraStation mobile app has been released with the fixes for the gas fees,” tweeted Terra Rebels. “This has been tested and works. You can now send LUNC again from your phone. Please make sure your TerraStation app is updated.”

TerraStation mobile app has been released with the fixes for the gas fees. This has been tested and works. You can now send #LUNC again from your phone. Please make sure your TerraStation app is updated. pic.twitter.com/PSEeWzE0cz

— Terra Rebels (@TerraRebels) September 28, 2022

It bears mentioning that there have been several complaints of failed transactions using the Terra Classic wallet following the tax parameter change implementation. Core Terra Classic developer Edward Kim explained on Monday that the error resulted from insufficient gas on the network. At the time, Kim disclosed that developers were exploring ways to reimburse those who lost gas fees through community distribution pools.

Meanwhile, LUNC investors should note that the latest fix is for the Terra Station alone, not the chain. reXx of the Terra Rebels highlighting this reports that users should expect a chain fix soon.

Just a small reminder that this is only a station fix, not a chain fix. TFL has to release the new version (which shouldn't be too long from now).

— reXx™ (@reXxTerraRebels) September 27, 2022

So far, the community has welcomed the news with excitement. Notably, users on all platforms are advised to update the app. The fix appears to be working perfectly on Android, but iOS users still experiencing issues have been advised to clear the app cache and restart the app.

reXx has urged community members to disregard all fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) making the rounds on Twitter. According to the Terra Rebel, while the chain may not be optimal yet, it is improving rapidly compared to the state it was in following the ecosystem collapse in May.

There is a lot of FUD going around, even coming from #LUNC validators. While the chain isn’t currently optimal, we have accomplished a lot in 4 months. Pay no mind to them and focus on your blockchain. Please keep your heads held high and trust the process.

— reXx™ (@reXxTerraRebels) September 27, 2022

It bears mentioning that the LUNC community appears to have been thrown a lifeline by Binance on its path to reduce the LUNC supply to 10 billion from 6.9 trillion. The leading exchange on Monday disclosed that it would burn all fees obtained from LUNC trading. According to a blog post yesterday, the crypto exchange has also fixed issues with implementing the 1.2% tax on withdrawals and deposits.

LUNC Burner data shows that about 50 million LUNC has been burnt today by the tax.

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