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Dogecoin Founder Slams Debate Around DOGE Tip Jar, Says He Wasn’t Rewarded for Creating Project


thecryptobasic.com 16 September 2022 08:37, UTC
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Marcus has slammed persistent arguments over Dogecoin Tip Jar allocation.

Billy Marcus, the co-founder of Dogecoin, has blasted some enthusiasts of the project, who have continued to argue about the allocation of the DOGE Tip Jar. 

His comments come after a member of the Dogecoin community slammed non-developers for always talking about the Tip Jar and believing that it is their right to have an opinion on the matter. 

“Good morning rise n shine n build, except to the folks who keep talking about the tip jar who assume it’s their business and have contributed 0 code to dogecoin core yet feel entitled to dictate what happens with it,” the user said in a tweet. 

gm rise n shine n buidl except to the folks who keep talking abt the tip jar who assume its their business and have literally contributed 0 code to dogecoin core yet they feel entitled to dictate what happens w it. 🌞#doge #dogecoin #dogearmy pic.twitter.com/fRc9rC5sC7

— bluezr #dogenerate (@KBluezr) September 15, 2022

Marcus’ Reaction

The tweet resulted in a lengthy thread that drew the attention of Marcus, who also gave his opinion. Marcus said since the Tip Jar is causing serious arguments, he believes the best way to solve the issue is to give the “dissenter” his share. 

“[…] but [the dissenter] doesn’t want that because it would prevent him from moral grandstanding,” Marcus added. 

According to Marcus, the issue should not persist further, and the Dogecoin community should not be a part of the debate. He added that he was not rewarded for creating the Dogecoin Tip Jar and contributed immensely to the first five updates of the project. 

“the community shouldn’t be a part of this bullsh.t debate…”

“I didn’t get sh.t for creating the thing and doing the first 5 releases, so f**k the tip jar and f**k everyone arguing this shit still,” Marcus added. 

it’s nothing to do with fairness, it’s yet another dick swinging contest

— Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@BillyM2k) September 15, 2022

Discussions About Dogecoin Tip Jar

The Tip Jar has been a major topic of discussion in the Dogecoin community. The violation of the payout policy of the Tip Jar prompted DOGE community members to send tips directly to Core developer Patrick Lodder. 

Lodder, in a GitHub post, said the tips he receives whenever there is a new release do not belong to him alone. He stated that he has saved the tips and vaulted them to a time-locked p2sh address, which will be shared among other core developers. 

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