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CEL price rallies to US$4.26 during Ethereum’s Merge


forkast.news 15 September 2022 12:14, UTC
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The bankrupt crypto lender Celsius Network’s native CEL token suddenly spiked to US$4.26, during Ethereum’s much-anticipated Merge, according to data from CoinGecko.

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Fast facts

  • CEL’s price has since dropped to US$1.94, making it the 61st largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, as of press time.
  • The cryptocurrency is still up 9.7% in the past 24 hours as part of its 43.9% weekly surge.
  • CEL saw significant price discrepancies in crypto exchanges during Ethereum’s Merge, with FTX recording a US$2.86 daily peak while the token was selling for US$6.08 on OKX.
  • After the cryptocurrency’s value tanked to near-zero due to Celsius Network freezing withdrawals in June, its community members, known as Celsians, campaigned to squeeze out short sellers and boost CEL prices.
  • The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July.
  • The CEL price rally followed reports of CEO Alex Mashinsky’s plan to restructure the company into a custodian.

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