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Terra Classic Proponents Drive the Attention of Hollywood Star Martin Lawrence to LUNC


thecryptobasic.com 13 September 2022 15:26, UTC
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Terra Classic (LUNC) has caught the attention of Hollywood comedian and actor Martin Lawrence who recently inquired about the asset.

LUNAtics have not relented in their advocacy for Terra tokens, especially LUNA and LUNC. One of the major propellants of this renewed campaign is the recent rally staged by both assets. The campaign has found its way into Hollywood, as actor Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence inquires about the asset.

According to IMDB, “He is known for his roles in the Bad Boys trilogy, Martin, Def Comedy Jam, Big Momma’s House, Open Season, House Party, Boomerang, Wild Hogs, What’s Happening Now!!, Nothing to Lose, Life and Blue Streak.”

The 57-year-old BET award-winning comedian had, on Friday, asked his fans about the digital assets they were investing in. There has been a trend of celebrities getting on cryptocurrencies, and Lawrence’s sudden interest is no shocker.

What crypto y'all gettin into right now?

— Martin Lawrence (@realmartymar) September 9, 2022

Amongst the thousands of comments he got, Lawrence’s only reply came to a LUNA proponent’s tweet. The LUNAtic had commented on Lawrence’s tweet with a meme illustrating the purported poor choice of investors who dumped LUNC. “What’s good with $lunc?” Asked Lawrence in his reply.

what's good with $lunc ?

— Martin Lawrence (@realmartymar) September 9, 2022

The reply appeared to be the opportunity several LUNC proponents needed to spread the gospel of the asset. Further comments highlighting the asset’s recent auspicious movements and promising future surfaced. “LUNC is going to be the biggest comeback in crypto history,” one user asserted.

Whether Lawrence will consider investing in the seemingly resurrected asset remains to be seen. Whatever the case is, proponents of LUNC have proven that they will not shy away from an opportunity to campaign for the asset.

LUNC Recent Comeback

Witn the asset’s recent comeback, this campaign has picked up of late. Despite the rejections LUNC has faced on its journey, the asset is still 254% above its value exactly a month ago, having a current value of $0.00035 as of press time.

Terra Classic’s recent rally took the asset to a high of $0.00058 – a price it has not reclaimed since the crash in May. The majority of the Terra ecosystem supported the reawakened LUNC burn proposal, as seen in the poll. An unofficial LUNA account revealed that up to 99% of the votes were in support of the burn as of Monday.

This is INSANE..!! Retweet till @cz_binance
Sees it ..#LUNCARMY
Virtually the whole ecosystem supports the burn tax burn 🔥
96.12% voted – that's MASSIVE😮

With overwhelmingly 99.97% voting they think the burn tax is positive for #LUNC. 🥳

Vote were with wallets 💵 not hot air pic.twitter.com/xBgqRxZ0J8

— WhiteDevilXD (@WhiteDevilXD) September 12, 2022

As previously reported, Terraform Labs had indicated official support of the LUNC burn. Additionally, the Terra community is proposing the resurgence of the Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. There have been calls for Binance to implement the 1.2% LUNC tax burn on its platform.

The Terra community is convinced that these measures can help resurrect the asset. LUNC currently trades at $0.00035 at the time of reporting, down 8.74% in the past 24 hours. Despite this decline, the asset remains the 30th largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of $2.16B as of press time.

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