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Wintermute Becomes Official Market Maker for TRX Thanks to Partnership With TRON


coincodex.com 12 September 2022 13:14, UTC
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Key takeaways:

  • Wintermute and TRON enter into a strategic partnership that can bring several positive changes to the TRON Ecosystem and the entire DeFi sector
  • Wintermute has a reputation for working with prominent projects that seek to advance the DeFi sector
  • Among other things, Wintermute will provide liquidity for TRON’s native asset, TRX, across different centralized and decentralized exchanges, and also provide strategic guidance to advance the ecosystem
  • TRON and Wintermute are proud of the partnership and are looking forward to advancing the industry further

Wintermute to create liquid and efficient markets for TRX trading pairs

In a bid to become the go-to global L1 blockchain, TRON has been working on different projects, including strategic partnerships. The latest of these partnerships is the TRON-Wintermute collaboration. The recently announced deal between the two emerging giants is big news for the fast-growing ecosystem, its users, and the entire broader DeFi marketplace.

According to available information, the new partnership will see Wintermute provide liquidity for major TRX pairs across different exchanges. Of course, the move will boost the accessibility of TRX tokens throughout the crypto universe.

Announcing the new partnership, the Director of Business Development at Wintermute, David Micley said:

“This latest partnership between Wintermute and TRON is an extension of our efforts to partner with leading DeFi projects and offer our support through what we do best – making markets more liquid. We’re thrilled for the opportunity to contribute to the TRON ecosystem as a liquidity provider.”

What It Means

The TRON Network has welcomed key partners in recent times. Earlier this month, Wintermute was welcomed as the latest whitelisted member that can mint and redeem USDD, which is the over-collateralized decentralized stablecoin powered by the TRON network. This move makes Wistermute an official member of the TRON DAO reserve.

It’s important to note at this point that Wintermute is not new to its new role. The project is renowned for being a global market maker for many high-profile crypto projects. It has provided liquidity for several digital assets in the past.

One of the major reasons Wintermute is considered a top player in the industry is the fact that it adopts a selective approval process before entering into any partnership. This is evident when you consider the number of prominent projects it has undertaken. Therefore, it is natural to expect a lot from its latest partnerships.

More about the Partnership

In addition to the primary function of providing liquidity pairs for TRX, Wintermute will be involved in other initiatives. It is set to provide coverage across decentralized and centralized exchanges. Consequently, it will foster competitive spreads, regardless of market conditions.

By the virtue of the strategic partnership, Wintermute will provide insights that can form the bedrock for a sustainable liquidity model for TRX and associated tokens. Overall, it will provide strategic guidance that could potentially better the TRON ecosystem.

The place of strategic partnerships in the Web3 space cannot the overemphasized. Wintermute is a recognized market maker and can play a significant role in the TRON ecosystem. It can significantly reduce the influence of market takers and crypto whales over asset prizes within the ecosystem. Invariably, this will help propagate the essence of a truly decentralized ecosystem and also promote greater user autonomy.

Closing thoughts

It is expected that crypto projects will continue to work together to improve the industry. By partnering with TRON, Wintermute will help more people to participate in the ecosystem. Already, it has lowered the barriers by providing liquidity on major exchanges, among other contributions. At the same time, it has reduced disruptions and slippage during trading.

It is safe to conclude that the TRON-Wintermute partnership is another significant improvement in the crypto space. The two platforms have a shared goal of decentralizing the web, and we can always hope for better services as other developments emerge. 

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