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114.9 Billion SHIB Transferred by Mysterious Wallet, Here's What Happened


u.today 02 September 2022 11:44, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

Less than an hour ago, @shibaplay_ Twitter user shared a link to etherscan to show that a mysterious whale transferred an eye-popping 114.9 billion Shiba Inu tokens.

The sending address now holds zero Shiba Inu as its SHIB balance has been drained dry.

Whale alert 🚨: 114,952,894,138 $SHIB transferred.
check details 👇🏻 https://t.co/YBmrd4YiKg

— ShibaPlay (@shibaplay_) September 2, 2022

Nearly 115 billion SHIB on the move...to be sold

Etherscan shows that a total of 114,952,894,138 coins were shifted from ETH wallet 0x5937f64670545698c2c92f2707093cd84c106351 to the 0x84fd9a5e47bca5624e04fe3e687cf6cfb31c7e6c address. The sender's wallet balance is now zero, and the receiver's address first held nothing but the received amount of the meme coin.

By now, 14,952,894,138 Shiba Inu have been sent to a Binance wallet, and the address holds only as few as 0.0000005 SHIB.

The SHIB was sent to Binance roughly 43 minutes ago. That was not the only Shiba Inu stash sent to the largest exchange by trading volume. Three more addresses sent a total of 272 million SHIB to the same Binance wallet.


Amazon SHIB burner removes nearly 3 billion SHIB

@shib_superstore Twitter account run by Travis Johnson, smartphone game creator, has published a new post about his 11th month of SHIB burns kicking off.

Johnson started his SHIB burn campaign in November last year and, by now, according to the data in his Twitter bio section, has sent a total of 2,794,881,641 to dead-end wallets.

Earlier this year, he signed up for an Amazon affiliate program and began using his profits from commission fees to buy and burn more Shiba Inu. The Amazon tool has proved to be "a sustainable daily burner," according to one of Johnson's earlier tweets.

Just realized, we are entering our 11th month of burning.

Hard to believe its nearing a year!

Thanks everyone for the support you have shown pic.twitter.com/oLRtbEmK5D

— SHIB Super Store (@shib_superstore) September 1, 2022

SHIB burn rate drops 70%

The tracker of Shib burn transactions called @Shibburn has announced that over the past 24 hours, various members of the SHIB community have managed to destroy a total of 130,695,987 meme tokens.

However, this amount of SHIB is smaller than that burned on the previous day. This fact has pushed the total SHIB burn rate down 69.59%, according to the website of the burn tracker.

Overall, large investors known as whales now prefer to hold on to their SHIB, not to sell their meme tokens. As per wallet tracker WhaleStats, the biggest 100 whales on Ethereum are now holding 12,015,673,898,858 Shiba Inu evaluated at $147,312,162.

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