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Boosting the Cardano Ecosystem: Meet the First 4 Start-ups dLab/EMURGO will Invest

www.cryptovibes.com 18 February 2019 06:40, UTC
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On February 14 dLab announced their first four start-ups that they plan to invest in and work with closely as part of the dLab/EMURGO program. The 14-week program is designed to accelerate and enhance the development of the involved companies.

The selection process was quite competitive and the company got far more applications than what they expected for an inaugural program. It was also an exciting experience for the involved teams to work and interact with so many individuals striving relentlessly to decentralize the world’s data.

dLab is committed to empowering individuals by tokenizing financial instruments while simultaneously exploring new use cases for the blockchain technology. After many hours of internal discussions and interviews, the four companies that got selected proved that they have what it takes to become great.

The Next 14 Weeks

The program is funding several Cardano fellowship projects together with the four selected companies that are participating in the flag raising dLab/EMURGO cohort. Innovators and founders are scheduled to work closely with the dLab staff, chosen start-ups and partners to create ingenious concepts for open source, research, productization, and education.

dLab stated that they will release extensive details about these investments in the next few weeks on their blog. Both EMURGO, the company striving to bolster Cardano’s adoption, and SOSV are set to spend the next 14 weeks working closely with these founders to speed up their business models, companies’ technology, and positioning. They will also provide the new partners with network access, staff support, and opportunities to work in conjunction with their large, diverse mentorship pool.

dLab combines the robust strength of the Cardano ecosystem and EMURGO’s extensive expertise in commercial blockchain development with SOSV’s investment consortium, best-in-class acceleration processes, and capability to assist companies to introduce innovative technologies to market speedily.

The new program is designed meticulously to be multi-disciplinary and protocol agnostic. The involved accelerated start-ups may be focused on any variant of blockchain or distributed ledger technologies. The partnership with EMURGO means that all these start-ups building for the Cardano ecosystem get more material advantages that comprise of gaining access to Cardano development and policy partners.

The Start-ups

  1. Helixworks’ – proprietary MoSS technology amalgamates DNA-based ID tags to physical goods.
  2. Catallact – a blockchain analytics engine that primarily focuses on the finance industry, targeting on market intelligence and regulatory compliance.
  3. Tesseract – an upcoming firm that is standardizing and streamlining the way applications primarily interact with blockchains. They aim to make these interactions as convenient while connecting with the Internet.
  4. Sempo – assists aid organizations to dispense relief funds directly to individuals in crises to enable them to buy what they need immediately.

These are the selected brands that the dLab/EMURGO Accelerator Program will invest in for the next several weeks.

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