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Dash Investors Receive Lost Funds Following Suspected Exit Scam

www.cryptoglobe.com 11 December 2019 08:00, UTC
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Dash investors have reportedly begun receiving their lost funds following the sudden disappearance of former Dash Core Group senior advisor MooCowMoo.

As previously reported, MooCowMoo ran a masternode management service called masternode.me that ceased paying user rewards in Aug. 2019. Users were required to send MooCowMoo 1000 Dash (~$50,000) in order to host a masternode in addition to paying a flat service fee. 

According to a Reddit post, Dash users have suddenly begun receiving their lost funds in the form of payouts from MooCowMoo. Rather than being upset, some users praised the former Dash Core Group senior advisor for finally taking action. 

The post reads, 

Moo has finally been woken from his slumber and is currently sending the money back to its rightful owners. So much for "exit scam". Looks like this one backfired, huh? Anyway: Big fat thank you for resolving this!”

In addition to individual anecdotes of users receiving funds, the Dash Core Group also provided news outlet Bitcoinist with screenshot evidence confirming that MooCowMoo had returned the funds. 

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pexels.com

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