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Ripple SEC Settlement on the Horizon? But Justification Is Mandatory!

coinpedia.org 11 October 2021 05:31, UTC
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The legal tussle between Ripple and SEC is lasting longer than the gadgets we generally use. The hurdle has been back-breaking for XRP and the community. While the SEC is adamant on its stance, the light at the end of the tunnel looks nearing.

Crypto proponent, has enlightened enthusiasts in the space with solid data compilation regarding the tussle. Consecutively, the expectation of SEC dismissing the case is now at its peak. Following, the conflict in views in the SEC board. The video clip from the Texas Blockchain Summit briefs up the views of SEC commissioner Hester Peirce. 

Her views in words were as follows:

“Are we fighting for investors or are we fighting for jurisdiction”.

The source suggests that Hester Peirce and Elad Roisman the commissioner at SEC are in favour of the investors. Moreover, Hester Peirce has proposed a safe harbour law. Which can bring existing cryptocurrencies and even newly launched coins into compliance with securities laws. And it can possibly clear the path forward, allowing for the new capital formation. While protecting investors. 

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Dismissal Is Possible, but Justification Is a Compulsion!

It is evident thatSEC’s stand on the case is dwindling. Netizens believe, Judge Netburn seems to recognize SEC’s baseless arguments in the courtroom. With things prevailing in Ripple’s favour, several analysts and law firms are expecting SEC to dismiss the case. 

But, if the dismissal materializes without any clarity for Ripple. It can possibly leave the platform stranded in cold, as it will withhold the platform’s adoption and investments. As the fear of SEC barging in with refiling the case would be imminent. However, SEC could refile the case only with prejudice. And the dismissal (if any) would follow with terms and conditions.

Ripple has a higher stance in its legal tussle. And it winning the battle, would bring immense value to the platform. Owing to the platform outthrowing SEC’s allegations. A parabolic run on the charts could follow XRP if it wins over SEC. And the coin’s relisting on the exchange platform would be a retreat from its sluggish momentum. Hopefully, the efforts from makers and the petitions filed by holders come into effect at the earliest.

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