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Anthony Pompliano has introduced a new pizza chain

www.thecoinrepublic.com 18 May 2021 21:45, UTC
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  • Bitcoin Pizza has been launched by Anthony Pompliano that will support local SME and BTC developers
  • The first pizza will be delivered on May 22, 2021, on the 11th anniversary of Laszlo Hanyecz’s pizza purchase for the BTC event
  • Pizza options on the latest website are observed reincarnating the history of BTC

Anthony Pompliano, a famous influencer in the cryptosphere, has announced a new US national pizza brand. The new pizza chain entitled “Bitcoin Pizza” is launching in 10 cities around the United States. Moreover, the first pizza is expected to be delivered on coming Saturday. The residents in the ten cities can order the pizza using the official website of the new firm, and a local pizzeria will deliver the pizza in a Bitcoin Pizza box. However, the profits made from such pizzas will be donated to the Human Rights Foundation Bitcoin development fund.

Today I am announcing Bitcoin Pizza – a new national pizza brand that is launching in 10 cities.

The first pizzas will be delivered this Saturday, which is the 11 year anniversary of the infamous bitcoin pizza transaction.

Buy pizza: https://t.co/L6AkyRPgjr 🔥🔥 pic.twitter.com/nUkCZd430Q

— Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano) May 18, 2021

Bitcoin Pizza will launch on a historical date

In 2010, the famous Laszlo Hanyecz programmer purchased a couple of pizzas using Bitcoins. At the time, the purchase showed that a real-world product or service could be bought using Bitcoins. Laszlo had purchased that pizza for 10,000 BTC, making it the world’s most expensive pizza. 

This Saturday we will only be selling 10,000 pizzas in celebration of the very first bitcoin purchase for a good or service.

It was exactly 11 years ago on Saturday when 10,000 bitcoin were spent for 2 pizzas.

Now you can be part of this historic day: https://t.co/L6AkyRPgjr pic.twitter.com/0Kp3uKnljG

— Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano) May 18, 2021

On May 22, Saturday, it is the 11th anniversary of the aforementioned event. According to Anthony Pompliano, on the anniversary day, the first pizza ordered from the Bitcoin Pizza will be delivered.

Bitcoin developers will be supported with made gains

The buyer will have to purchase the pizza using fiat on the Bitcoin Pizza platform. The profits made through pizza sales will then be donated straight to the Human Rights Foundation Bitcoin development fund. The foundation is launched to support BTC as a way to help dissidents in oppressive regimes and societies experiencing increased inflation. The foundation will also help those facing aggressive financial surveillance. Hence, the purchases will directly fund the development of the cryptocurrency. 

The Human Rights Foundation's Bitcoin Development Fund was a no brainer partner for us on this.

They are doing amazing work to help support the people who work tirelessly every day to make sure that bitcoin continues global ascension to mass adoption.https://t.co/HOCRcZVEKb

— Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano) May 18, 2021

Pompliano has now reincarnated a slice of history

According to Pompliano, Bitcoin pizza will currently offer pizzas in ten US cities. Such cities also include Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, New York, and San Francisco. Pompliano has united the best neighbourhood pizzerias. Anyone in such cities can use the Bitcoin Pizza website to order a pizza. However, the orders will be fulfilled by the local shops and delivered. 

How Bitcoin Pizza works:

– Go to https://t.co/L6AkyRPgjr
– Order pizza
– Local shop makes pizza
– Pizza delivered in Bitcoin Pizza box
– Profits from pilot donated to @HRF's Bitcoin Development Fund

Buy pizza. Promote bitcoin. Help small business. Build bitcoin. Everyone wins. pic.twitter.com/wIMGyCetTw

— Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano) May 18, 2021

Pompliano, with his latest business plan, has reincarnated a slice of history. Some of the options on the newest site include Laser Eyes (pepperoni), Satoshi’s favourite (Pineapple and ham), No Keys, No Cheese (plain), and other similar options. 

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