Big Four Accounting Firm KPMG Launches Tools To Help Institutional Cryptocurrency Investors

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KPMG Chain Fusion is set to help traditional financial companies and fintech startups provide well-managed crypto asset services.

Aiming At Institutional Clients

In a recent announcement, the company presented KPMG Chain Fusion. The project aims to help the management of crypto and traditional assets over public and private blockchain networks for institutional clients.

The new set of capabilities will be able to assist customers in managing and addressing global regulatory considerations for strong system controls and processes for crypto and digital assets. It will also help clients in solving a variety of complex foundational problems, facing organizations, which compete in the institutional market of crypto assets.

“Regulators and auditors expect fully implemented controls and processes within and across a crypto asset business – whether they are crypto assets or traditional systems or anything in between.  If you are a blockchain or digital asset-based business, you will have separate systems for everything,” said Sam Wyner, director, and co-lead of the KPMG Cryptoasset Services team.

How It Works

Chain Fusion’s basics consist of leveraging a structured information model to combine data, coming from both blockchain and traditional systems. Thus, it will support the necessary analytics for business, risk, and compliance objectives.

The capabilities and accelerators of Chain Fusion are built to support companies easily reach the adoption of fundamental crypto business capabilities. The core will also assist them in dealing with the challenges of cryptographic proof of assets under custody. It will help in the deployment and integration of core custody capabilities such as multi-party computational crypto asset wallets, and transaction monitoring for AML.

“Leading cryptoasset technology solutions can address process and control requirements within their own systems, but the greater challenge is making sure systems can work together, with all the right processes and controls in place between those systems,” Wyner explains.

As stated, Chain Fusion will “bring such systems together with a required processes and controls under one roof.”

Several financial organizations and fintech companies are offering crypto asset services for their clients already. It’s absolutely no wonder that KPMG is stepping into the field as institutional interest is on the rise when it comes to cryptocurrencies. 

Most recently, the American multinational financial services corporation Fidelity Investments reported that 36% of institutional investors have exposure to Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase, the leading US-based cryptocurrency exchange also strengthened its institutional focus by recently acquiring leading crypto brokerage firm Tagomi.

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