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Top Crypto News 10/19 | BNB Completes Quarterly Burn - Cryptocurrency News

www.altcoinbuzz.io 19 October 2021 23:17, UTC
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The majority of cryptocurrencies are trading sideways. Bitcoin is holding the 62k region. Ethereum is trading near 3800 Dollars. And the fear and greed index points to Greed. Let’s find out some of the Top Crypto News for the day.

1) Binance Completes Quarterly $BNB Burn

Binance performs its 17th quarterly $BNB burn. The latest burning involves 1.3 million tokens worth 639 million dollars.

Binance has also burned 17000 tokens. That’s from the BNB Pioneer Burning Program.

This is a program devised to help users, who erred in sending BNB or other tokens to a BEP20 address.

Pioneer Burning Program only covers losses above $1000 USD. Under the initiative, users will get an equal amount of BNB to compensate for the loss.

#Binance Completes 17th Quarterly #BNB Burn

🔥🔥 $639M USD has been burned! 🔥🔥

➡️ https://t.co/dJkLs4QsnM pic.twitter.com/bHlYPwcQUt

— Binance (@binance) October 18, 2021

2)Happy Birthday, LTC!

Litecoin is celebrating its 10th anniversary. And the Litecoin Foundation is launching NFTs in Opensea. 

The collection includes 10 unique NFTs created by 10 artists. It also has 10 signed artworks in the form of physical NFTs.

Interested NFT lovers should hurry because the bidding ends in 4 days. Litecoin Foundation has set the floor price as 1 $ETH.

The Enightened Cosmonaut NFT. (Source : Opensea) : Top Crypto News 19/10

Litecoin's 10-Year Anniversary Collection – @opensea
⚡10 Artists
⚡10 Unique pieces 1of1
⚡10 Physical pieces (winner receives a signed artwork) https://t.co/Drq208BgBV #NFTs #opensea #NFT #Litecoin pic.twitter.com/qjpLLXVo12

— Litecoin (@litecoin) October 19, 2021

3)GameFi Announces the GameFi aggregator.

GameFi is a popular gaming launchpad. But it has much more under the hood!

The GameFi ecosystem includes:

  • Launchpad
  • Aggregator
  • Yield Guild,
  • Marketplace and
  • Accelerator

The Aggregator is the ultimate gaming destination for gamers and game studios.

It is a comprehensive dashboard that helps the gamer to check his/her in-game assets and NFTs. GameFi aggregator also works as an inclusive marketplace to trade and loan the NFTs and assets.

Gamers will no longer need to wait for suitable buyers and sellers for their NFTs.

It also provides relevant information for the investors about a game and its performance, users & developments.

You can buy $GAFI tokens from Gate and Pancakeswap.

📢Spread the news #GameFi community,

Not let you wait any longer, GameFi Aggregator – the Ultimate Gaming Center in the Blockchain world will be launched this week 🥳🍾

👉Check out our new feature here: https://t.co/3blmxcBuw4$GAFI

— GameFi (@GameFi_Official) October 18, 2021

4)Cryptoblades Announces NFT Land Sales

Lands are building blocks of Cryptoblades gameplay. It generates resources and houses armies in the game.

But not all lands are the same. It has 3 tiers and the greater the tier, the better the benefits. You can buy land using either of the native tokens, $SKILL or $KING on October 26 from the Crypto Blades website.


👉Starting later this week, launchpads will begin sales on their platforms!

📆Sale in our marketplace is on the 26th:
⚔️ https://t.co/FLH77lYd5d

📘For more information, check out our post on Medium: https://t.co/AN9IPDhFLM#CryptoBlades #NFT #PlayToEarn #BSC

— CryptoBlades (@BladesCrypto) October 19, 2021

5)Acknoledger Announces Exclusive IGO on Seedify

Acknoledger has the tagline, the nervous system for Web 3 assets.

It’s a marketplace for Web 3.0 assets. You can map them, market them, or distribute them. Acknowledger also plans to bridge the gap between gaming metaverses.

The platform uses the Universal Content Number Scheme to map all the NFTs across the metaverses. Acknoledger is conducting a 20,000 $ACK token giveaway.

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